Confessions of a 28 Year Old Guy and Somewhat Still into Super Sentai

Well it's no secret I'm 28, going 29 and still a single guy who is looking for a girlfriend.  Hee hee, well I would like to make some confessions as a 28 year old guy and somewhat still in Super Sentai.  Okay it's not as weird as Nobuo Akagi since I'm not an all Super Sentai guy nor do I intend to buy Super Sentai toys either, I watch Chinese entertainment more than I do with Japanese entertainment yet it can't be denied, I haven't completely outgrown Super Sentai!  Now for some things I'd like to confess...

Okay I don't call any Anime character "my waifu" in such a way nor do I really get too focused on otaku activities, in fact I'm more of a Chinese movie or series enthusiast but I can't deny I still have a soft spot for Toku.  I will confess the honest fact that I seldom go into a toy store even at my age not to buy toys but to feel young or two, I seldom buy toys for display but mostly I don't. Also I enter the toy stores and sometimes I remember the Super Sentai toys I wanted as a kid but never got them (like the Great Five of Maskman) because I was more devoted to reading story books and coloring pages and most toys given to me end up displayed only in my shelf. However this one has sometimes led me to daydreaming moments when I imagine myself as a Sentai warrior or a Sentai villain, while imagining my own stories in the process.

I would also admit I tend to talk about Tokusatsu stuff with younger people who only knew about Power Rangers.  Well not that I tell them Power Rangers is fake but it is a licensed adaptation of Super Sentai and what Super Sentai is entirely about as not to leave them out of the blue since they only know a fraction of the real deal!  In Akibaranger Season Tsuu when Luna came in, she is a person that makes me think of people I "educate" on Super Sentai.  In my case, they know more about Kamen Rider of the Heisi era or Ultraman than they do about Super Sentai or classic Showa Riders.  Then again, hey I'm no expert at Super Sentai either like the Fantasy Leader.

Some of these events leave me in the world of hopeless delusions or hopeless Grand Delusions when it comes to finding a girlfriend.  In fact, finding a girlfriend who is like Hiroyo Hakase (my ideal type of girl) is very one in a million.  I'm just glad that I don't talk about Super Sentai all too often with friends because when it comes to entertainment, we usually talk about action movies and video games for older people.  But it has also led to me to having some weird moments when I really want to date a Super Sentai actress for real for the wrong reasons that is their good looks.

I just wonder what confessions other Tokusatsu fans who are of my age have as well.


  1. 31 year old toku fan here, I have been only following the Sentai Series regularly since Goseiger, but I have spent quite a bit of time enjoying comparing and contrasting the american and japanese shows. My wife actually started watching them with me when Gokaiger started airing and she really enjoys them for what they are - fun.
    It is something we can watch together from time to time, even the older series like Battle Fever J and of course Zyu.

    It may take a while to find someone who accepts you for who you are, but everyone has their quirks and obsessions. I just keep this in mind: If they want me to change who I am (unless I was doing something like spending all my money on sentai stuff rather than important things) they aren't really interested in me. They are more interested in what they think they want me to be.

  2. I am now 34 and I am into all of it. Star Trek, Doctor Who, kung-fu movies, and Tokusatsu!!! I won't stop till the day I day.


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