Confessions of My Preferences Between Super Sentai and Power Rangers Moments

There's always a matter of opinion of people whatever they like better. In fact, I guess some people who read my blog constantly are probably still liking Power Rangers more or equal to Super Sentai. I'll just share my moments of Power Rangers and Super Sentai which will include me revealing my biases.  Relax, no PR bashing here unlike them unfair haters who constantly whine and defend one to be better by unethical means.  Moving on... here's my confessed biases:

I would admit my liking Super Sentai over Power Rangers tends to be ridden with cultural preference.  After reading what UkiyaSeed wrote why Power Rangers isn't fake, I do agree with him on cultural preferences being the reason why Power Rangers exist.  Being pretty much Asian and descended from Hokkien and Cantonese lineage and due to cultural upbringing, I end usually preferring mostly Asian shows over American shows no questions asked about that.  So pretty much, I like Power Rangers to a certain extent but Super Sentai is what I like better though I tend to get on/off with them both in one way or another. =P

Music can be a reason why I like Super Sentai better.  I would admit I personally find Power Rangers' soundtrack to be "generic" though I do like the opening theme of MMPR which sadly got rehashed probably due to laziness, Lightspeed Rescue and Time Force.  For me, Super Sentai music is really that great but as of late, not really.  Then again, maybe it's my cultural bias which you are free to think that it is.

I would probably credit another source of my personal bias is the story and execution and not always because Super Sentai came first and is Power Rangers' parent.  For example, I like Zyuranger better than MMPR Season 1 because of its story and execution.  On the other hand, I like Power Rangers Time Force because of its rather eye opening mutant vs. human war which was NOT in Timeranger (so Time Force fans who are now planning to watch Timeranger, keep that in mind).  As I said, I really tend to like intense stories but can be too paranoid over anything that goes overly depressing (ex. Kamen Rider Faiz is one show that I really want not to rewatch).  People probably know I'd rather watch PR Time Force over Kamen Rider Den-O.

On the shallow side of mine, I tend to like Super Sentai more than Power Rangers most of the time because the girls are hotter.  Now that's the stupid reason everybody knows too well about me! =P


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