Getting Ready for 2014... and More!

Well it will be a few days and it will be New Year soon.  Now for what to expect for 2014...

First we have Ressha Sentai Tokyuger which leaves me some bad impression.  I hope this one will get a good writer/producer tandem to which imo, I really wish Naruhisa Arakawa will make a return to becoming the headwriter.  For me, the design looks really bad for my taste but I hope it will have a good story and execution.

Meanwhile I wish Power Rangers Super Megaforce will air ASAP and not delay any further.  At this point, is the Toei Ltd./Nickelodeon/Saban Brands agreement having some problems as of late?  I guess Toei should arrange Power Rangers to be aired somewhere else instead of Nickelodeon.

Meanwhile, I might do some comparisons of Super Sentai to Power Rangers while maintaining the truth that Power Rangers isn't fake.  Again, when Kenji Ohba said it was recreated, it DOES NOT mean that Power Rangers was illegally reproduced.  I mean Disney recreated some stories for their own versions too.  Tsk tsk.  I would also tackle on some fantard wars of Super Sentai against Power Rangers which for one was really fueled a lot by that hate fic "Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger vs. Power Rangers Samurai" where the Power Rangers became the bad guys though my bigger concern is getting Power Rangers fans to know more about Super Sentai and maybe to also mediate between Kamen Rider against Super Sentai fan wars.

On the other hand, don't expect this blog to be as updated as it used to be.


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