Gobusters' Fight Before Christmas

Go-Busters 44
For me what makes most Super Sentai Christmas specials really better than the occasional Power Rangers Christmas specials is that there is really the fight before Christmas.  I mean, well Christmas comes even without the presents but you don't want the villains spoiling that special day everybody looks forward to right?  Now here's what was Gobusters episodes 43-44...

Go-Busters 43
It's a two parter arc.  Hiromu decides to become "Santa Claus" here.  So they are preparing a party for children who have no families.  How nice.  I thought that there was some nice comedic touch for a series that has depressed me to certain degrees.

Go-Busters 44
This is where the Messiah Virus could end up destroying the world if he wasn't stopped.  It was 13 years ago on Christmas that the virus was born and nearly destroyed the world.  13 years later, it did return and started another ravaging attack.  It was a great arc but for me, killing Messiah here instead of making him the final villain got me pretty mixed.  It did nearly get apocalyptic here... fortunately he was destroyed before he could cause as much damage as Venjix did in Power Rangers RPM.

Go-Busters 44
One of the msot daring plots this Christmas special had was Hiromu trying to fight in his bad condition.  It does seem pretty cliche but we see those kinds of heroism in Tokusatsu in general.  I just love it whenever the heroes lay aside their interests to save others especially they want people to enjoy the holidays.

Go-Busters 44
This is one freaking insane moment when Messiah grows larger and larger, he even absorbed Escape into himself.  The whole final scene where they did a really daring attack to destroy him once and for all was amazing.  I just thought, shouldn't killing the body cause the virus to spread?  Perhaps they went beyond what Dr. K wasn't able to do in Power Rangers RPM- create an anti-virus to destroy the Messiah virus for good which leaves Enter as the final antagonist.

Go-Busters 44
The end scene has them throwing in a party after all.  However Enter is very much alive even after he was supposedly deleted.


  1. As underdeveloped most of the characters are. This show has better pacing then Kyoryugers.


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