Sentai Villains: What Motivates Them to Do What They Do?

Forget about "For the Evulz" which is my typical thought of why villains do what they do.  Now for some motivations on why they do evil.  Well I used to think that it was their dream to be "evvviiiiiiiilllll" until I started looking at these various reasons.

Imperial expansion.  Some villains in Super Sentai seek conquests to expand their empires.  Some of them seek power for their rule, others were set on Earth but seek to dominate the entire planet. Interplanetary empires are like Gozma, Mess, Zone and Zangyack.  The Vyram conquered various worlds and so did the Gaiarc to expand itself.

Greed can become a motivation.  Aside from trying to escape life cryogenic freezing, Dolnero's motive of ruling over the 21st century is to expand his own network of wealth.

[G.U.I.S.] Chojin Sentai Jetman 06v2 (DE9E227A).mkv_snapshot_11.25_[2012.12.16_16.11.40]
Deep disgust for humanity can be a reason why some villains do their horrid acts.  Vyram for example was always focusing its attacks to wipe out humans because they think humans are stupid.  They might be either racist villain groups or a group of villains that aren't human from different races but all hate humans.  Others that make it to the list are Jashinka, Gear (strangely Dr. Man is a human or was once human) Mess, Tube, Volt (but strangely they are humans), the Bouma, Bandora's Gang (which targeted children a lot because of Bandora's hatred for them), Gorma, the Youkai, Baranoia (they think robots are beter than humans), Bowzock, Nejire Empire, Balban (who turned planets into treasures, sheesh what a bad thing), the Saima clan,

Changing the environment so the villain faction can take over.  Tube wanted to make the surface world dark and cold so they can easily take over it (though they had to retreat back to doing some typical Toku villain plots since the Dark Crown was destroyed quite early) or for Gaiarc, to pollute the Earth so they can have a suitable home for themselves.  The Gedoushu wanted to flood the surface world with Sanzu water so they can freely move around it.

Empowering its ruler.  The Gozma were seeking to make Bazoo ruler of all the planets without knowing he was a planet himself, the Mess' aim was to make La Deus the most powerful organism, Zone would destroy 1,000 planets so its ruler Meadow (actually Vulgyre) would have eternal life.

Any more reasons?  Comment!


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