Stuff I Like About Gobusters

Well I finally decided to rewatch Gobusters and see if my opinion has changed since I missed a good half of the show while watching the finale arc.  I've seen up to the episode where Jin Masato arrived but let's just say, I was pretty much getting my personal biases on the way.  But here are some positive thoughts from me about the series and why I may resume with it when I'm not busy after having so much of unfair biases:

The heroes.  Well I was thinking about the characterization itself.  I know it's not as good as Shinkenger and Hiromu's fear of chickens is really stupid, I thought that having their limits to their powers was a good plot.

Having the old school feel at a certain level.  I do like multiple mecha but sometimes, it bores me and I'd like to switch back to some old school stuff. Gobusters unlike Shinkenger had less mecha like its predecessors Gingaman and Timeranger.  Also, it had the three plus two formula which again was pretty old school.  Also not having all those collectible items may actually be a break for buyers.

Trying to get serious again.  Okay I'll just say that the story of Gobusters tend to drag in a lot, I mean while Naomi Takabe worked with Yasuko Kobayashi for OOO (which I enjoyed) and with Toshiki Inoue for Kiva (which I also enjoyed) she wasn't good in here then maybe again, I need to rewatch the series.  Yes it's serious but not as serious as the 80s though.  But still, I was wondering if Super Sentai should try to get dark and edgy again but provided they get a competent producer but it seems lighter and softer is now the trend.  Then again, I don't think Toshiki Inoue's the guy to get now.


  1. With Kyoryugers and Tokkyugers airing very soon. Gobusters looks like Maskman and Dairangers. I think for best thing for any fan to do before they completely judge is to watch the show again!!!

  2. If Super Sentai does darker and edgier... I say get the current writer for Gaim or.... this controversial decision: the creator of GARO.

  3. I might be bashed for this... but if Super Sentai wants to get darker again, either get Gen Urobuchi, the creator of GARO or the writer of Attack on Titan.


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