The Christmas Episodes of Shinkenger

Well in Shinkenger episodes 42-43 the focus wasn't entirely Christmas but we have Genta wanting to share the spirit of Christmas in Shinkenger. So here we have the grand plot... Akumaro has had focused on a linear attack that is, he attacked in places forming a line hoping to unleash Hell on Earth. Can the Shinkengers save Christmas for everyone?

Well here Genta was going to bring a Christmas tree. It's a mystery though how Daigoyou was able to bring the tree all the way to Genta's shop. He also had some serious moments in this episode when he realizes that they must beat Akumaro which they do.

I thought the plot of Akumaro to bring Hell on Earth is one of the best plots in Super Sentai and how karmic it was when his own deception led him to being slashed by Juzo with the Uramasa. He was destroyed in a rather flashy final battle against the Samuraihaoh which he nearly defeated it it wasn't for the Kyoryu Origami.

After the episode ended, we are treated to the part where the Shinkengers finally get to celebrate Christmas Eve. They all helped decorate the tree after that and best of all...

Jii didn't have to handle these guys Bulk and Spike entering the dojo.  At least these guys are gone now.


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