What I Think Could Happen if Toshiki Inoue Worked with Yasuko Kobayashi in Shinkenger?

It can't be denied that Toshiki Inoue had worked with Yasuko Kobayashi with Timeranger as a secondary writer, he worked with Yasuko Kobayashi in Kamen Rider Agito (she wrote episode 28) and well he was also the secondary writer of Kamen Rider Ryuki where he introduced that very useless Megumi character but at the same time, managed to keep the conflict going.  Now looking at the setting of Shinkenger happened after Kamen Rider Kiva when Inoue (and Kobayashi) both jumped from darker and edgier stuff to attempt the lighter and softer.  So here's what I think he might actually do if he ever had any chance to co-write Shinkenger:

I guess poor Genta will become his target for his type of humor.  I mean, just watch episodes 29-30 of Kamen Rider Blade and we have that stupid cooking battle (that kind of episode could have worked better in Kamen Rider OOO or Kamen Rider Kiva, both lighter series than in the darker and edgier series like Blade) but it could work well in Shinkenger if done right.  I guess he might even have a cooking Gedoushu to try and fight Genta which can only result to either comedy gold or just blatant silliness.  I guess Genta would probably win a cooking contest against a Gedoushu which might be good character development or not, depending on how weird his humor is.

Another might be if he wrote Mako focused episodes, he might actually raise up the bad cooking gag a little bit more or much more than usual.  That is, maybe he might write an episode where her cooking actually goes so overly exaggerated to the point it actually either saves the day or knocks everybody cold.  I assume that he might weaponize her bad cooking for combat.


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