A Common Sense Test for Those Who Thought Power Rangers Came Before Super Sentai

So there are some people who think Power Rangers came first before Super Sentai but there's pretty much a common sense test here.  Aside from the common sense test to why Power Rangers isn't fake, I'll do a common sense test to those who thought that Power Rangers came first.  Now just for some starting points... and they can be shown while watching the series.  So I'm using Luna's picture here to display that misconception... and the common sense test some people failed to take before aside from reading the credits that Power Rangers acknowledges it's based on Super Sentai.

First let's talk about the early 90s when Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers became a phenomenon.  So maybe you can notice some of these things like sudden change of footage quality between the Power Rangers-only scenes vs. the Toei produced scenes.  So I don't know why Saban and Toei weren't able to adjust to that challenge that time.  Now perhaps the most obvious it was all splice and dice are one Rita Repulsa's lips DO NOT match with her words obviously Bandora was just being dubbed or two, there's a lot of repeated footage of Bandora's headaches in Zyuranger being repeatedly replayed for laughs in MMPR (but it got annoying). Later seasons managed to produce more original fight scenes and villain footage especially when Koichi Sakamoto from Toei worked with Power Rangers for some time before Toei called him back to America or two, maybe Saban wasn't willing to pay Toei higher to have him work with him.  

Second is the "she's a man in Japan" trope in Power Rangers.  Now just TRY to notice every time Trini morphs, there are some scenes the yellow ranger has become a guy!  Yup, you could notice that happening in a majority of Saban seasons namely Lost Galaxy, Lightspeed Rescue, Time Force and Wild Force.  I think this was a very cultural thing but it happened a lot. =P  

Third and last, I guess Jii from Power Rangers Samurai can speak now if you ever pay attention to the credits.  For one, if you watch closely you can see stuff like "Based on Samurai Sentai Shinkenger" which Power Rangers acknowledges its parent show Super Sentai.


  1. Also during the "good ol day" of MMPR. The editing was so sloppy that you see a lot of Japanese actors in the action scenes. The one scene that cracked me up is Zordon a white guy recalling during his youth of securing mandrake roots and his youth is a old Japanese man named Barza.
    Also you saw "Zyurangers" stickers and decal on the Megazord and the guns.

    Finally, the sloppiest editing. The Zyu2 scenes actually had Daizyujin fighting these exclusive Dora beast. Saban was so ambitious in promoting Daireno that the sword blade somehow bend back straight instead of curve.


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