How I Think Super Sentai Has Affected Power Rangers in a Positive Way

There's no doubt that Super Sentai is the parent show of Power Rangers.  Now looking at it for the 20th anniversary of Power Rangers, I'd also write this article.  For a similar article, click here.

Yearly cast change and trying to get a little more serious.  The Zordon arc was overly extended to the point it could bore anyone sooner or later.  In fact, if I were to be a Sentai "purist" I usually skip majority of the Zordon arc to check out most of the post-Zordon arc (but I do play a bias for Kalish seasons).  Actually Lost Galaxy is one good example of the change.  It has an entirely new cast, it tried to be more serious than usual (but not crossing the TV-Y7-FV ratings) and the cast change happened every year ever since.  In fact Koichi Sakamoto from Toei was working with Saban as well in directing cool action scenes.

Getting crossovers done (except during the Kalish seasons) post Zordon-arc.  In the Zordon arc, footages of Ohranger vs. Kakuranger were used.  In Lost Galaxy, it had a team-up with Power Rangers in Space and Lightspeed Rescue.  Lightspeed Rescue also had a team up with Time Force.  Time Force later teamed up with Wild Force with its own original footage.  No Wild Force/Ninja Storm crossover due to Disney taking over.  Ninja Storm had a crossover in Dino Thunder at the beginning.  Dino Thunder and SPD had a crossover.  Sadly most of Kalish seasons didn't have a crossover except Operation Overdrive which should be credited for not copying too much from the Boukenger vs. Super Sentai movie.  In Power Rangers Samurai, sadly the crossover with RPM really was bad.

Just my two cents.


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