Lighter Super Sentai Seasons, Darker Super Sentai Seasons and Power Rangers Fans

I guess for some Power Rangers fans who are checking out certain seasons of Super Sentai whether it'd be pre-Zyuranger or post-Zyuranger, I guess there's the distinction between lighter seasons.  Now I'd like to share this post in response to Mr. Smith's similar entry.  I won't tackle every series as I am yet to see a lot of them completely like Abaranger and Gingaman (I only saw even less than a quarter of it).  Now moving on...

For starters, let's compare Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger and Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers.  I can't do much of an entire analysis of every season, honest I'm no Super Sentai wiz and I haven't seen all the series neither do I think I have all the time in the world.  Back to the topic, we will think about the two.  You could actually start with the Bandora vs. Rita Repulsa side- Bandora herself might have a comical side but her plans in Zyuranger are usually scarier.  Rita Repulsa only sought to make Kimberly avoid meeting her friends, but Bandora actually poisoned Mei in a long agony that would lead to a much more painful death.  Then we can have Tommy vs. Burai.  Tommy only loses his powers but Burai, he sadly dies.  That's just a few of where Zyuranger is darker than Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers season one.  The same might be true for a Hurricanger/Ninja Storm comparison and Abaranger/Dino Thunder comparison.

Darker and edgier seasons for me might be a hit or miss with Power Rangers fans.  You could actually start with looking at pre-Zyuranger Super Sentai seasons that were pretty dark are Changeman, Flashman, Maskman and Liveman. For the lighter ones you could have Goggle V, Dynaman and Bioman for a start.  But Sentai back then had loads of violence and darker plots.  If I'm to talk about really dark, you could go for Gosei Sentai Dairanger for me, that series is even darker than Jetman and Liveman.  In Dairanger you have the tragedies of Ryou (loses his father early on), Lin (has a lover who dies), Daigo (he loses Kujaku and makes the ultimate sacrifice), Kou (he is the son of Shadam and brother of Akomaru, both with whom he's fighting against) and also the death of Master Kaku... that's a load!  Power Rangers also had darker and edgier seasons like Lost Galaxy, Lightspeed Rescue and Time Force (and unlike Timeranger, there's actually the human/mutant war that tends to get worse by the minute as this show goes on).  For Gekiranger and Jungle Fury, Jungle Fury is for some one of Kalish's better seasons.  In Gekiranger there's the Jan and his father Dan tragedy and Rio and Mele die.  In Jungle Fury, Jarrod and Camille get a second chance in life.

Lighter and softer Super Sentai with lighter and softer Power Rangers.  For starters, both Shinkenger and Power Rangers Samurai are lighter and softer but my issue with the latter is the execution.  First, Power Rangers Samurai's humor relies too much on blatant silliness like the useless inclusion of Bulk and Spike, that rather stupid stealing toys plot then why am I fan-pairing Spike and Mako or worse, mentioning Spike when I write something about Rin Takanashi?!  For Shinkenger, I would dare say it is funnier than Power Rnagers Samurai not only because of the acting but also some of its plots like Genta's focus episodes, Ryunosuke's hammy attitude and more are usually ending up more comical for me.  If you'll talk about other seasons that were more or less in the same tone of lighter and softer (but have varying degrees of execution) are Gaoranger/Wild Force, Magiranger/Mystic Force, Boukenger/Operation Overdrive and currently Goseiger/Gokaiger/Megaforce.

Now one can check at Power Rangers RPM's deviation from Go-onger's rather parody theme.  While Go-onger was more of the comical, parody Super Sentai series which was probably hit or miss, RPM actually did "cross the line" when it gave RPM's continuity a post-apocalyptic world that is overrun by the Venjix virus.  Mr. Smith actually likes Power Rangers RPM.  RPM had funny characters like Ziggy (who kinda reminds me of Eric Idle).  So pretty much, there are probably mixed reactions between both series.  For those who like lighter and softer, I guess Go-onger woould be better.

Gobusters tried to return back to the darker and edgier side.  Looking at it, this might be Yasuko Kobayashi's worst work just as Kamen Rider Faiz is Toshiki Inoue's worst work.  While producer Naomi Takabe was responsible for decent shows like Kiva (with Inoue) and OOO (with Kobayashi) but this show can get pretty mixed.  Gobusters in here is more on the darker and edgier side but I would probably say Yasuko Kobayashi is probably burned out here beyond belief.  This show suffered low TV ratings but for me, I'd watch this show over Kyoryuger which is really IMO pretty stupid.

Here's me and just my two cents!


  1. It is a absolute predicament with Super Sentai, the darker the season the cooler the show which will stood the rest of time.

    P.S. Gobuster is a way cooler show with the likes of Kyoryugers. It is way too soon to compare Tokkyuger.

  2. I loved Go-buster but like Kyoryuger as well.


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