My Top Favorite Sentai Reds

Well here are my favorite Super Sentai red rangers who I really think made an impact on me one way or another.  Here they are in no particular order and since it's new year, red is associated with it.  Now for them...

Takeru/Red Mask- Although in my first Super Sentai that was Chodenshi Bioman my favorite was Ryuta Nanbara, the first time I started liking red rangers was with Hikari Sentai Maskman.  For Takeru, this guy is just badass awesome.  For example, he's got that powerful god fist attack, he does put the team together and regardless of problems he faces, he always gets badass with them.  Favorite part?  I did like his story with Mio/Ial which actually leads to much plot conflict with him against Igam and Ial's unrequited lover Kiros who both want to kill him.  Also that episode of his childhood was something not really surprising, I was that kind of a kid!

Riki Honoo/Red Turbo- From Turboranger, he was my favorite for these reasons- I could relate to him because I was well a slacking teenager who actually wanted to set things right.  His badass moments come in a lot like you could consider his battle with Rehda in episode 30 or the most insane battle- with Ragorn one on one and how he lived through it.  It was fun watching his character develop into a more mature person as the series went on.

Ryu Tendo/Red Hawk- So he was my favorite in Jetman despite the fact I was a slacker of sorts.  I could relate to him in other areas like my "good boy" personality in a way like I prefer not to drink alcohol, I tend to clash with people like Gai Yuki and I want to set my duties straight.  Well at the same time, it came into conflict because of some girl I was in love with and facing the present to which I hardly moved on for many years.  I would probably say he is still my overall top favorite red though that rank tends to fight off against Red Mask and Ryuuranger.

Geki/Tyrano Ranger- I just love Geki himself as a character in Zyuranger.  Now my favorite is Burai but he's my second favorite.  What I love about Geki is his dedication as a leader, as a warrior and that he really knew how to bring the group together.  Again, it could be because I'm prone to liking red rangers the most but that's not always the case.

Ryou/Ryuuranger- Well he's the heaven hall dragon of Dairanger and he's my top favorite.  So far, I would say this guy beats a lot of ass, maybe he's the best martial artist in the history of Super Sentai.  I really love the fact he's got the courage I don't have, the skills I don't have and maybe I can really say, he really is for me the best character in Dairanger!  I also enjoyed watching his rivalries with Jin Matoba and Shadam (which wrapped up in a satisfying way with some lingering mysteries).  He just keeps getting more badass as the series goes on.  Too bad his grandson wasn't as badass. =P

Kenta Date/Mega Red- Well this reminds me a bit of my old high school life- a video game addict with problems with studies. Now I thought for this guy, I was a slacker who managed to pass anyway in spite of the danger zones I've entered many times.  Also, I thought that his story where he matures really makes him fun to watch!

Tatsuya Asami/Time Red- Now Timeranger is another series I could relate to.... problems with my late father, trying to face destiny, trying to fight for my own future... and I thought that Tatsuya aside from Ryu was another person I could relate to.  Now not to mention, I really believe that while money is important, it's unfair to cheat others for money because money can only be maximized in value if you fight for a better tomorrow.  I still think about it that his character did encourage me to try and make peace before it's too late.

Banban Akaza/Deka Red- Okay my favorite Dekaranger IS Hoji Tomasu but he also stands out for me.  He's got his hyperactive personality that is mixed with his passion and dedication to get everything straight while he's one fireball.  What I like about him is all that fiery dedication he has, even if he's not really a pro and plus, he'll never skip an obstacle course.  Favorite moments I have from Ban are like when he snaps Hoji out with his trademark wake-up kick or I could also say even his intro was awesome.  Ban really always comes in with a bang.  Maybe my top favorite moment was when he got Gyoku Rou who was supposed to be the red ranger in his place (he even plucked the feathers of Numa-O) so the Dekarangers can be inspired to fight further.

Takeru Shiba/Shinken Red- Well either this is just plain silly or not because his name is nostalgic.  Now I just thought he's one badass samurai even if he turned out to be a kagemusha raised to protect Kaoru who later adopted him (which was silly).  I just thought that his coming out of the shell development, his chemistry with Mako (while he fears her bad cooking but not her as a whole), and maybe you could consider how his development with his fellow vassals and childhood friend Genta.


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