Some Funny Reactions I Get From People I Introduce Super Sentai To

There are always awkward but friendly reactions I expect when it comes to sharing about Super Sentai.  Pretty much, here they are...

"Wow the girls in Super Sentai are usually hotter!" is a reaction I had from a friend who watches Super Sentai to watch the girls.  He cried when Ayumi Kinoshita got married.

"So Super Sentai came before Power Rangers?" well is for those who are much younger than I am.  I guess they even't haven't seen MMPR either.

"Woah that was fantastic!  I want to much more of Super Sentai!" could be the most funny reaction from open minded Power Rangers fans.

Well I won't put all those unfair hater reactions I get in person because I really am having some mood swings lately and I hate to trigger them. =P