Villian Plots to Eat Up Humans in Super Sentai

Some Super Sentai episodes did feature plots of villains to eat up humans in a rather "toned down" way but sometimes in a scary way but not to break some ratings.  Well while Japan doesn't have the TV-Y7-FV standards but there are some rules in Tokusatsu to follow if it's a kid's show.

Turboranger had the episode where Dango Bouma collected humans and turned them into dumplings for Ragorn to feast on.  I really thought that episode was kind of scary considering the imagined scene where Zulten feeds it to Ragorn.

Fiveman had the episode that right after Chevalier became the new captain in place of Garoa, he released the Shark-Antlion Jin to capture humans and can them?!  The other Fivemen save Gaku and Remi were turned into canned humans to where Chevalier plans to defeat the Fivemen by canning them and eating them.  It did have some nightmare fuel of thinking about the Tremors-like situation here.

Zyuranger had the episode where Bandora unleashed Dora Ladon to fire arrows at kids so apples grow on top of them.  Her plan as half-brained as it sounds was that these children will turn into apples for the Bandora Gang to eat.  Hmmm you can't have that in MMPR's "Foul Play in the Sky" can you?

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  1. Majin Ramon and Gorg who turn humans into fruit for consumption. From Jetman.


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