What if Toshiki Inoue Were Gobusters' Secondary Writer?

Toshiki Inoue as a secondary writer for Gobusters could do for better or for worse considering his strange sense of humor in his writing and in fact, he and Yasuko Kobayashi working together again is either it'll work or not work considering it's either hit or miss.  In fact, I even dare think he has already left writing the classic darker and edgier back in the 80s to 90s then again, this is going back to serious (but with some comedy like RPM has comedy), let's think about it based on his performance after Kamen Rider Kiva and his guest writing of Gokaiger 28:

I guess Toshiki Inoue might give Hiromu some character development in the weirdest way possible.  So maybe he will write an episode where Enter turns a chicken into a Metaroid.  For me, that would be one development for Hiromu considering he will learn to overcome his fear of chickens if it were needed to beat the Metaroid.   I just thought that the whole chicken thing for Hiromu is NOT fit for a season like Gobusters.  It might work in Go-onger but definitely NOT HERE.  I was sort of thinking that having a metaroid based from a chicken could have been interesting knowing Hiromu really is scared of them and how one can overcome that phobia.  I was thinking I think Naomi Takebe would approve of these considering how she managed Kiva and OOO, but sigh she really for me was flat here in Gobusters.

Other stuff I thought about while watching Kamen Rider Kiva and Kamen Rider Blade (where he wrote the whole cooking arc episode), I think I can imagine Inoue actually writing an episode involving a Violin Metaroid and two, maybe he'll make a Cooking Metaroid that would actually challenge the Gobusters to a cooking battle.  So yeah, he has a very weird sense of humor.  I was thinking he might also attempt to insert a Megumi Asano (from Ryuki) type character into the Gobusters' base which can create problems.  Then again it's not likely he would repeat that same mistake considering that he is a person who's more focused on real character development than nonsense characters.


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