Bioman And Childhood Nostalgia

I guess most of the people know by now that Bioman is my first Sentai. Having been born and grown up in the Philippines, I grew up watching this under the stupid broadcasts of stupid networks. Now for my childhood revisited:

The first episode. Basically the start of it all. I always wanted to compare Peebo to C3PO and I found the whole episode what in the world their names were. Episode 2 did feature the names in the dub as Kenny, Sammy, Frankie, Cassie and Kimberly before I knew them as Shiro, Shingo, Ryuta, Mika and Hikaru. And I would say the TV broadcasts were so irregular it's a pain.

Back then, I was too used to just having one robot. Took me some time to accept the existence of multiple robots! And I love the Bio Robo vs. Mechagaigan battles.

One thing that bothered me in the show is WHY IN THE WORLD DO THE BEASTNOIDS KEEP SURVIVING? I simply knew them before as the Cybernoid fighters with the names Falconoid (Messerjuu), Zeroid (Juuoh), Aquanoid (Aquagaiger) and Plasmanoid (Mettlzer) while Psygorn kept his name while being referred as "Psygorn Multinoid".

I gave some thoughts on this one... I had no idea back then that Cynthia Luster was also Farrah Cat!

Ryuta became my easy favorite with episode 9 with his solo adventure. That episode made me like him above all other Biomen. And blue was my favorite color during this time and I didn't care too much about red. And of course, I grew to like him more during the super duper inaccurately dubbed Prince arc. And yeah, I had a lot of shocker after watching Bioman subbed. =P

Mika's death in episode 10 was a real tear jerker for me. I can remember how I wept in this scene. And I would say that it was very, very sad. It was only later I realized that Mika's character was an interesting concept. I even remembered hoping she would survive in that whole episode, and wondered why she never appeared in human form. Only later did I learn of Yuki Yajima's sudden disappearance.

Then I remembered Jun Yabuki. The irregular broadcasts made me see Jun's future episodes prior to how she became a Bioman. So I didn't pretty much understand at first how she came in. So this made me go protest mode later when I saw MMPR with a pink ranger archer instead of a yellow ranger archer. =P

I could remember the first Bioman episode focusing on Hikaru. So I did know her before as "Kimberly" which made me go shock to why MMPR had its official Kimberly. Now I'll just use Hikaru. I remembered having my admiration for Hikaru, she was my first Toku crush or something but it was a slight admiration. I remembered the whole Brain episode.

Dr. Man did somehow scare me as a child while thinking he was cool at the same time. He was a badass villain. Well I did remember my obsession as a child of making an empire led by me, with robotic subordinates, my obsession to ruling the world... and becoming the world's greatest genius. They did all happen BEFORE I watched Bioman. And watching Bioman, Dr. Man ended up becoming part of my "self-reflection" especially in his backstory episode. It's nightmare fuel for some, for me it was scaring me more because I wanted to become the world's greatest genius as a kid! And another, when I started to get problematic with studying, I wanted to mechanize himself until I become a robot! No wonder Dr. Man's origin story made me pee in my pants!

And of course Silver. Just think I saw him first before the midseason upgrade which again, thank the crappy broadcasts. This guy scared me more than Gear did since he had the same power source that killed Mika much earlier. And I always thought he was pretty cool at the same time!

That's all I could remember for my childhood due to all the irregular broadcasts. =(


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