Doctor Man And My Crazy Childhood Imagination

I just thought it's weird how before I saw Bioman, I did have these thoughts similar to Doctor Man himself...

Creating a super army of robots that will do my bidding.  I kind of wanted to imagine of myself as the greatest genius in human history, ready to open a new era of science under my rule.  Well too bad I suck at higher Math.  I wanted to become Dr. Sean, greatest genius in human history, the ruler of the Neo Science Empire at the age of seven to eight.  I once saw myself as the "greatest scientific genius that will soon start a new era"... ha ha but it never happened!

I wanted to create an explosive device that once it erupts, Mt. Pinatubo will explode, it will cause the whole of Luzon to be it by an intensity eight earthquake causing massive panic among the population.  Kind of my crazy imagination to get even with the government so I can take over it.

Replacing people I dislike with mechanical copies of themselves who will do everything I say... even blow themselves up.  In fact, I wanted to replace some of my classmates with mecha human versions of themselves, then blow them up in their homes to get even.  And I wanted to use Mecha Humans to explode the DECS (currently DepEd).  And create more mecha humans to replace regular humans so nobody will dare disobey me.

Of course becoming the world's greatest genius and becoming a robot.  I rejected my humanity because I wanted to "learn faster" and become the world's greatest genius.  I thought becoming a robot would mean erasing my flaws and having a computer brain would mean I would memorize everything faster.

Overall, crazy imagination is one of the best fuel for Tokusatsu! XD


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