Fiveman and Childhood Nostalgia

For my third Sentai series it was Fiveman.  So pretty much, it was the first I finished from start to end... and the Tagalog dub here was more or less better done.

Fiveman was my third series and the first with a sibling team, later repeated in Gogo V and Magiranger.  So I did think the premiere episode was pretty scary with how Zone attempted to demolish the Sidon flowers which the reasons were not revealed in the finale.

So I always wondered why did the Silver Imperial Army Zone was out there to destroy planets because I didn't really pay attention, until I remembered Meadow said she wanted eternal life.  I always wondered how in the world would the Fivemen eventually combat Meadow later on?  I had my thoughts also why on Earth didn't Zone age a bit after the Fivemen grew up?  I guess time ran differently for these guys.  And I thought Garoa and Billion were badass.  But too bad later, Garoa got watered down a lot!

Fiveman was a show where I started to welcome the secondary robo for this reason.  I mean the two robots gattai into one was a cool concept.  So I didn't see Liveman until much later but still, I embraced this concept.  I just loved the Super Five Robo!

As a kid, I thought Chevalier was cool without realizing that most of the time, he was just a goofball and his first episode was pretty funny with him singing "Hero".  I thought it was time to replace Garoa who was already decaying but sigh, while I thought he would do more harm but he's just a goofball in the long run.  Only Billion came up with real plans.

I also liked the fact their base, Magmabase could combine with the Super Five Robo.  Too bad it was so underused and got wrecked in the finale.

My bigger problems with Fiveman was that there was NO HINT to the fact that Meadow was just an illusion compared the Hoshikawa parents being still alive.  So she was JUST an illusion.  So we know why the Sidon flowers were a threat BUT writing off Meadow so easily?  Provided I didn't see Changeman before Fiveman, it meant nothing to me until I heard of Changeman and read a lot about it.  I mean, I thought it was okay before but using common sense, the finale was pretty rushed.  And Chevalier as the most powerful death?  Assuming Chevalier did commit multiple murders, it may make sense but it was unbelievable because he was goofy.


  1. BTW, is Sentai still airing in the Philippines or are they getting the Power Rangers cut now?

    I've been searching online and looks like last noted show to air as Sentai was Jetman

    1. Nope. Not anymore. Power Rangers does make an occasional broadcast. However J-Drama, C-Drama and K-Drama basically are more popular than Toku in the Philippines.


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