Fiveman's All Too Sudden Revelation

In Fiveman the whole season was basically dominated by the mysterious woman known as Meadow.   She was presented as a mysterious woman who appeared in the sky to give orders to the Zone Empire.  Towards the finale arc, Meadow suddenly went red and really furious.  Then we have this sudden relation...

In episode 47, one can see the sudden revelation when I mean for the whole season, there is no hint to Vulgyre, he just suddenly appeared.  Bazoo had some hints but no, not Vulgyre.  After the energy of the Sidon Flowers afflicted the Vulgyre, it revealed that Meadow was just an illusion.  So it made me think why did hte rest all still decided to follow their leader?  Billion could care less though.  But the rest?  I mean such a revelation was too shocking that Dordora went crazy after that... which allowed Vulgyre to merge her with Zaza.

In the finale episode, we realize that the original Meadow was a Sidonian woman from the very first planet he destroyed.  Which again, there are some possible loopholes here... in episode 1 it was mentioned that Meadow had ordered these.  So how did Vulgyre even introduce the Meadow persona and hide it from the rest in the first place?  I just think maybe Chevalier knew about it since he was supposedly the first captain.  Or that prior to Sidon's destruction, he chased Meadow and later got her before he recruited certain people into Zone, threatening to destroy their home planets if they refused to.

But still, I can't help but think Vulgyre was such a last minute idea!


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