Jetman and Childhood Nostalgia

Well I'll do some Jetman and my childhood, which was the last pre-Zyuranger Sentai.  The Tagalog dub was decent except with a few errors compared to that the Bioman English Dub.  Now for my remembered childhood...

The first thing that came into my head is... Gatchaman?!  What's next?  And I thought it was weird how the yellow ranger was a guy and the blue ranger was a girl.  Since my mom saw Goranger (as Star Rangers) she mentioned that Kiranger was a guy.  So I wasn't all so surprised.  Moving on...

So yeah, it felt like Aya Odagiri was more based on Sylvie Pandora than Dr. Nambu.  And I just thought I had my weird coincidence later in life.  My so-called first crush and longing for her, meeting a girl who looks like Ako and meeting two people who are like Raita and Gai.  For the Gai character, we fought over some girl who looks like Ako.  For Aya Odagiri, well I did remember falling for a girl who looks like her before and she was that kind of character.  For Gai Yuki I always wanted to punch him at first since he opposed Ryu my favorite but it was fun to see Gai Yuki improve.

The Vyram were really nightmare fuel.  So I did have my guesses that Maria could be Rie brainwashed, Gure I wasn't all that fond of him until he fought with Gai Yuki, Toran is one annoying kid who one day grows up fast to become Radiguet's rival Tranza.  But all my attention went to Radiguet considering that he is one cold, cruel, insane sadist who surpassed EVERY LAST villain.  The nightmare fuel they offered was really something except for the goofy looking monsters.  But still, despite being goofy looking those Jigens and Bio Jigens come from things we use everyday, and they are still dangerous.

The Jetman mecha for me were really cool... I love all three designs.  My favorite design was the Great Icarus which was really, really badass.  However I wished Jet Garuda got to finish off a monster before it merged with Jet Icarus to form the Great Icarus.  Great Icarus for me is one badass design!

It was only later I did see a complete broadcast at TV5 but I was already a teenager by then!


  1. I also remembered seeing the Tagalog dub of this. But since I was little back then and I saw Power Rangers first, I didn't care much about the story and I also thought of this as a PR-ripoff. Oh, curse you, Merka...

    Also, if I'm not mistaken, this was the last time we had a fat ranger.


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