Kiros and Billion: Villains with Blinded Female Admirers

Here are two similar plots from Maskman and Fiveman.  One was written by Kunio Fuji and the other was written by Toshiki Inoue.  Although quite different, both Kiros and Billion had blinded female admirers.  They had a different angle but shared that similarity.

In Maskman episode 33, "Takeru, Severe Their Love" we have Eri who was in love with Kiros.  When Eri was in danger, Kiros slew a dangerous ground beast which indirectly saved Eri's life.  Eri swore to love Kiros because of that.  In reality, Kiros only wanted to test his strength.  She was blinded by her naive nature to Kiros' deceitful nature.  Luckily, she got away alive at the end of the series.

Billion's case was more cruel considering it was an earlier Toshiki Inoue writing.  In episode 39 "Please Love Me", Billion gets into one moral event horizon.  He manipulates a girl he supposedly saved named Sora to do his cruel bidding.  He pretended to like her and gave her some transformation pills, to turn Sora into a monster to attack the Fivemen.  Unlike Eri who managed to live, Sora died at the end of it.  Sora unable to accept facts, used Billion's sword to kill herself which was a very sad episode!


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