Man, Machine and Feelings in Bioman

Bioman may have lived to its title of "bio" for life, considering they are sworn to protect life.  There is a relationship of man, machine and feelings in the show show with these plots:

Peebo and the Biomen.  The Biomen were humans gathered by Peebo who is a robot to battle the robotic minions of New Empire Gear.  Peebo despite being a robot has been shown to have human-like emotions then again so are the villains of Gear.  Peebo has his friend Joy who he didn't realize had died until episode 8, in episode 10 he cried over Mika's death, in episode 37 we see Peebo show greater amounts of fear when Silver first arrives.

Machines with feelings.   In episode 14, we have Hikaru befriending the Neural Brain which paid off since he helped them defeat Anchor Kans at the cost of his life.  In episodes 19-20, we are introduced to Prince who in the second half is revealed to be a human-like android created by Dr. Man to be his "son".  In episodes 43-44 we have Miki the Mecha Human who is connected to Satan Megas, the conscience circuit played a role in the arc where she sacrificed herself so the Biomen can defeat Satan Megas.  Heck even the Big Three have feelings.

The man vs. machine plots:

The obvious is where the Biomen are humans fighting against mechanical enemies.

Sometimes Gear would use Mecha Humans to do their dirty work.  Bioman episode six had humans replaced by Mecha Human duplicates.  In episode 12, a boy's father was temporarily replaced by Mason with a Mecha Human, which fooled a young boy, in turn caused Green Two to doubt himself.  

The New Empire Gear and Dr. Man.  So we know that Dr. Man is human and episode 19 somewhat confirms it.  When Dr. Man says that a robot can always be replaced, the Big Three are startled and then when their leader introduces Prince as his son, Mason is shocked to learn that Dr. Man is actually human.  Which of course, why in the world did they always believe Dr. Man to be human... the name is to much a dead giveaway!  This managed to work itself in episodes 25-26 when we meet Dr. Man's real son.  In episode 28, the Big Three decide to finally get rid of their master knowing of his secret identity only to realize he was ready for the coup.  Dr. Man reprograms the Big Three to become loyal to him to the end.

Another short lived man vs. machine conflict as it turned out to be was Ryuta vs. Prince.  The first half we just assume he was human, the son of Dr. Man which reveals Dr. Man is Japanese.  In episode 20, after Ryuta lectures Prince about his mother, we see something is wrong.  Prince doesn't even know what a mother is, he sees multiple mothers and then... he goes out there like a defective robot.  Yes, after that part where he and Psygorn exchanged blows, it's revealed he is nothing more than a robot.  Ryuta was able to affect the mechanical robot Prince who he always assumed was human.  Since Prince was just a robot then they finally had to get rid of him for good.

Dr. Man himself is conflicted between his human self and his mechanical self.  At the end of episode 20, Dr. Man slowly makes himself mechanical because his body was already rapidly deteriorating.  In episodes 25-26 we see Dr. Man discarding his humanity. Dr. Man tries to convince his son Shuichi to join with him but when that fails, orders Mason and Mettlzer to get rid of his own son.  He then rebuilds himself far more mechanical than before in episode 26.  Later, Dr. Man is at odds with the Big Three but was ready to counter Mason's revolt.  Episodes 43-44 again touched the issue of father and son.  In the fnale arc, Dr. Man's final conflict was after he was seriously injured when his robot, King Megas was defeated.  Dr. Man planned to blow up the Earth with the Anti-Bio Bomb but when prodded by his son (and the Biomen), his human side prevails.


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