My First Impressions on Gingaman!

I've just watched up to 20 episodes of Gingaman subbed (I viewed some raw before so yeah, I can't understand since I'm more of  an English speaker and I can hardly speak Mandarin and Cantonese which is supposedly my birth language), so really I'm sounding more American than Asian at times.  Now for my first impressions on Fantasy Sentai Gingaman ahem Seijuu Sentai Gingaman!  It's sad to see them leave the forest and they have to face the Balban.  And the Balban for some reason love to turn planets into jewels.

Now for the characters:

So here's Fantasy Leader ahem... Ryouma.  So I thought about this that I did know his brother is still alive (from reading about it) but the show does a good job in making it look like Hyuga is dead.  I mean, the voices Ryouma hears are just like some kind of imagination.  For me, I'm really liking him from Kobayashi's red rangers though it's too early for me to say he's my favorite Kobayashi Red.

Hayate... well he's almost the perfect guy but gladly no Gary Stu.  So yeah, he has a weakness for honey adn tomatoes.  Maybe because I like the color green too.  So he has a clash with Shelinda, who is one nasty bitch.

Gouki is for me the lovable strong.  Sometimes I fantasize myself to be as strong as he is.  I love that episode with him falling for that teacher.

Hikaru reminds me of some high school friend of mine who I was enemies with at first.  The mischievous type who is fond of any doughnuts.  My favorite focus (for now) of his was when he accidentally swallowed a bomb but was saved at the end of the episode.

Saya is probably the most balanced member.  She has the caring instinct and has adequate fighting skills.  Strong but introverted... kinda balances her.

The allies Moak and Bokku.  Bokku well he's obviously a toy and I want to buy one of those.  For Moak, he's basically inside a tree, a tree for a command center?  Well Sentai is always filled with WTF moments and having a magic tree for a "command center" is simply weird.  But still, it's pretty cool at the same time.

As for the Starbeasts, I just thought they had their ugly versions then we get the badass metallic version.  So yeah, the mecha is pretty cool.  Miss those cooler designs.  These are Galactic Beasts so I was thinking, did Lost Galaxy take that into consideration before they deviated from Gingaman's setting to go into Terra Venture?

Just got my first impression of villains namely Captain Zahab (a pun on Captain Ahab), Shelinda the steerwoman who's a bitch, Sanbash and Budoh.  I am yet to see how the rest operate.  It kinda reminds me of how Goranger and the earlier Kamen Riders carried on with villain commanders.  So Sanbash operates from episodes 1-13, then Budoh takes over after that.  Budoh I think he can be a threat to the Shinkengers.  For Shelinda, she's more than just a bitch... and I can't wait to see her bitchy villainy which even at first impression, I think she's colder than Dayu in Shinkenger.  For Zahab, I think he's better than Doukoku.

Now I'm in the Bullblack saga... which while know he's not gonna last song (I'm a spoiler addict at times) BUT I want to know the in-betweens.  Just seeing his past and present... now I'll continue to see up to what I can!


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