The Conflicting Forces in Maskman

Maskman was also a show having the conflict of ideals. Here are some of them:

War vs. peace. Tube was a kingdom divided into two factions- those who want peace with the surface dwellers vs. those who don't. Zeba represented all hatred embodied into one demonic being. Igam as the "prince" of Tube represents those who don't want peace so she follows Zeba blindly, even if she's supposed to be the true ruler of Tube.

Light vs. darkness. Maskman is not a light task force for nothing. There's the conflict of light vs. darkness. In episode two's climax, Zeba releases the Dark Holon which sets the world without adequate sunlight. In episode three, the Aura Power bursts out light to restore light to the world. In episode 15, the Carol Love flowers are the only ones that could counter the Hell flowers. In the final episode, Zeba releases the dark particles around the world. The Igam twins are united as one, which counters the darkness allowing the Maskmen to destroy Zeba himself forever.

Responsibility vs. personal stuff. Takeru learns that your responsibility comes first. He wants to save Mio who he doesn't know is actually from Tube until episode 28 of Maskman which Baraba reveals to him. Igam's conflict with Takeru can get into the way of the mission of taking over the surface world, because she's more obsessed with getting rid of Takeru who "stained the Igam name". So she goes crazy, personal and you know it's something not easy to get rid of. And this also has it when Takeru finally realizes where Igam is things can get jeopardized in his quest to save Ial.

Love vs. lust, honor vs. dishonor. Takeru has genuine love for Ial. Kiros on the other hand only wants Ial because she's so gorgeous. This is a clash of two values. Takeru represents love, Kiros represents lust. While Igam can be an honorable rival to Takeru, Kiros is one dirty opponent who will do ANYTHING to win making him a more lethal foe than the rest of the regular villains. Haruka had her own fair share in episode 12 when she couldn't stand to see ninja arts used for evil. Momoko fighting Cranium Dobler had honor vs. dishonor- Momoko chose to suffer beaten up to show what it means to be honorable even if it meant she would be beaten up just to save two young lives who were deceived by Anagbas' treachery!

Just my two cents!


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