The Technological Conflict in Bioman

In Bioman, there is the conflict of technologies.

We do know Dr. Man is one incredibly ambitious scientist who believes himself as the rightful ruler of humanity.  He wants to take over the world and make himself the ultimate scientist.  The proof he wants to be on top of the scientific world, he was the Technotown in Tokyo destroyed.  When the Bio Robo appears, he feels challenged and ever since then, started to fight the Biomen from beginning to end. We see later more of him like his dark origins to how and why he became a cyborg.  Of course, it's obvious he's really human.

In episode two of Bioman, we discover the fact that the Bio Robo and Peebo were sent to protect the Earth from another war.  We do know of a war that happened in Planet Bio, which the full reason for the war was not known until episode 37.  Meanwhile we do realize that the Biomen do have their use of their technologies to combat Dr. Man's demonic science.  Green Two and Blue Three were able to see through any of Dr. Man's high tech deception.  Yellow Four (both Mika and Jun) could use illusions.

In Bioman episodes 19-20, we are introduced to Dr. Man's supposed son Prince who was revealed to be nothing more than a robot created to succeed Dr. Man.  The battle of sciences here was a bit of human vs. robot.  After Dr. Man introduces Prince as his son, we are brought to light that the Big Three aren't aware that Dr. Man is human.  In episodes 25-26 we realize of Dr. Man's background, we also see more of Dr. Man using science for his own selfish ambitions.

In Bioman 37, we see a better picture of WHY the Planet Bio exploded.  In episode 10, we know of the Anti-Bio Particles which Mason hinted was not at all Dr. Man's invention.  We are introduced to Silver who carries the anti-bio particles with that cool Bi-Buster gun of his... which he could have killed the Biomen if it wasn't for better bio suits!  Peebo explained that during the Planet Bio's scientific apex, we see how another faction created the anti bio particles to counter the bio particles.  The Bio faction and the Anti-Bio faction fought and neither won.  Silver was created by the Anti-Bio faction and the last remaining, he also had his robot Balzion which made itself to the finale arc.  Dr. Man during the time he had Balzion manage to get some Anti-Bio Particles for two reasons-for his final robot King Megas (which used Anti-Bio Particles) and the Anti-Bio Bomb which could have destroyed the Earth in the finale.

Another would be Dr. Man's past brought up even further aside from his why he became a cyborg.  During episodes 43-44, we see a hint that the mysterious professor could be Shiro's long lost father.  This man Professor Gou had a past with Dr. Man.  If the Planet Bio had war breaking between the Bio and Anti-Bio, here on Earth Dr. Man had a rival with Professor Shibata.  Professor Shibata was planning to use his robotics for peace, Dr. Man wanted to use his scientific knowledge for selfish purposes.  This worked itself to the finale, to which Shiro discovers the scientist is his long lost father, who disappeared hoping to stop Dr. Man one way or another.

Overall, it was one of the best conflicts that Sentai ever had.