Bio vs. Anti-Bio in Bioman

Bio Robo was introduced to have come along to Earth by Peebo five hundred years ago. The five ancestors of the Biomen (which Mika's ancestor may also be Jun's ancestor so Mika and Jun are possibly related) were showered by the Bio Particles.

Peebo was the robot of the Bio Alliance. He was sent to Earth together with the Bio Robo to gather the Biomen when New Empire Gear began its first attack. Somehow he had a special connection to the Bio Robo and the Biomen.

Bioman episode 10 "Farewell Yellow" was the first to feature the Anti-Bio Particles. Bioman episodes 2, 7-8 featured some bits and pieces of Planet Bio's history before it blew up. In episode 10, Dr. Man discovers the existence of the Anti-Bio Particles which he used to create the Bio Killer Gun. The Bio Killer Gun not only disables the Bio Robo but also slowly kills Mika. That episode was not the last we'll see of the Bio vs. Anti Bio conflict.

I was glad that the Anti-Bio Particles was brought back in episode 37. Silver really brought in plenty of conflict especially he has UNLIMITED supply of Anti-Bio Particles, the same form of energy that killed Mika way back. I always thought what's the Biomen going to do? Provided they have powered up suits otherwise they would have perished like Mika, but Silver's Bi-Buster gun is more than just a neutralizer of Bio Particles as it causes HUGE damage and it also weakened Gear's own officers when shot at it! While Peebo represented life, Silver represented death. Silver was the robot of the Anti-Bio Alliance designed to destroy EVERYTHING with Bio Particles.

The hunt for Balzion was pretty interesting, especially it got me excited and worried at the same time. Eventually Balzion showed itself being so powerful the Bio Robo was helpless against it. When reunited with Silver, it showed just how badass it can get. It was only when Peebo finally entered the Bio Robo's special chamber that they had enough Bio Particles to destroy this magnificent mecha. However Dr. Man managed to get a generous amount of Anti-Bio Particles for two of his greatest inventions.

Int he final episode, Dr. Man proves just how awesome he is when he launches the King Megas. King Megas had Anti-Bio Particles to which it used in laser form. Dr. Man had the home advantage with Anti-Bio Particles BUT Peebo did the same technique he did to power up Bio Robo. The same method to beat Balzion was also used to beat King Megas. Dr. Man who was severely injured not willing to lose finally launched his final attack...

Dr. Man planned to launch his "If I can't rule the world, you can't have it." final attack since he knew he was dying anyway. He activated the Anti-Bio Bomb which was loaded with Anti-Bio Particles, just enough to blow up the whole Earth. By then, he understood the full power of the Anti-Bio Particles which I think is obviously anti-life. In the end, after prodded by his son Shuichi, Dr. Man finally sacrificed himself so the bomb can be stopped.


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