Sentai Series I've Watched From Start To End

To be honest, I haven't watched all Sentai series from start to end. But here are those Super Sentai series I've watched from start to end in chronological order and I admit, I was all the time pretending to be a know it all until I realized I needed to be just myself to be a true fan plus these are the only series I've watched from start to end, the rest are just reading here and viewing here and there:

Chikyu Sentai Fiveman

This was the first series I saw its ending, which I thought I got boggled to why MMPR kept stretching and Sentai has a definite end back then. For me, this series is a guilty pleasure. I know it's Soda's lower series but I still find myself enjoying this otherwise awkward series. However I'm willing to see it in Japanese with valid subs but so far, Fiveman's Tagalog dub was better. As for the finale, it was pretty rushed, I felt like WTF Vulgyre was only added into the finale arc and no hints in between to his identity, Chevalier was just as stupid but I still enjoy the series.

Chojin Sentai Jetman

This was the second series I saw the finale, which made me disdain why MMPR back the just stretched to the point of absurdity. For me, I really had a hard time accepting Gai Yuki died (because of how stupid his death was) yet I also enjoyed how the Vyram fell down at the same time. I also admired how badass Radiguet was in getting rid of both Juuza and Tranza while showing both cunning and insanity moments which makes him fun to watch plus his utter evil makes him my top favorite Sentai villain! Cried during Maria's final days, felt Ryu's desire for revenge and Radiguet's bloody demise (literally)... and well I just thought the epilogue was unnecessary while still marking this my favorite Sentai of the 90s.

Chodenshi Bioman

This was another series I always wondered how Dr. Man finally was defeated. Curse the broadcast! Then I saw the badly dubbed finale which later, I realized Dr. Man's "Neo Bomb" was actually the "Anti-Bio Bomb". So yeah, Farrah Cat was quickly disposed of, the Biomen finally face Dr. Man who is struggling between his human side and machine side. In the end, Dr. Man has a last minute redemption after being prodded by his son Shuichi and the Biomen to stop the Anti-Bio Bomb. Childhood question answered!

Hikari Sentai Maskman

For one, I always wondered if Takeru and Ial ended up together but I had the guess they broke up. I was right. I thought that Zeba's revelation as a monster born out of hatred of the original Lethal Dobler was one awesome horror story! I pretty felt like the finale where the Igam twins finally united, Igam's road to redemption, Fumin's last-minute redemption, Oyobur's blind loyalty and all were interesting experiments for the season. I just thought that another thing I "predicted" was Galaxy Robo defeated Zeba, not Great Five. The finale was fine though I used to frown at Galaxy Robo.

Gougou Sentai Boukenger- So far I was in the phase of still being the "Sentai snob" and "vowed to hate Power Rangers forever" state when I saw this one... which made me write that awful Operation Suicide episode O_O. For me, I enjoyed the adventure motif and failed to look at a lot of issues this show suffers from. I just got access to this by a bootleg DVD which was with fansubs from TV-Nihon. So yeah, I would admit Sakura was my guilty pleasure in this show... my bad!

Tokosou Sentai Dekaranger- So I would confess I watched this over because of Jasmine but luckily not my top reason. I always thought a cop show Sentai lacking the standard "big organization" and instead, having Abrella work as a merchant. I thought this show was well-written by Naruhisa Arakawa. So far I haven't seen Abaranger that much to really compare the quality. This show for me felt like it had my favorite elements in Sentai and cop drama, in fact it felt half of each in a good way.

Samurai Sentai Shinkenger- I felt a samurai theme was interesting though I was intrigued to see another Takeru appear after SO LONG. Well, the show felt like a Rurouni Kenshin Sentai (except Mako is too refined compared to Kaoru and Genta feels more like an Anime character from other show). It was a fun show with quirky jokes and some seriousness to balance the show 50/50. The finale arc was for me got me mixed with how Kobayashi does shock value... why in the world did she write Kaoru adopting Takeru?! It's for me pretty WTF but otherwise doesn't ruin the fun nature of the show.

Gosei Sentai Dairanger- This is one of those shows I've watched more in RAW but later, watched it fully subbed and for me, this is the best Sugimara season I've watched from start to end! I thought Dairanger had its own unique plots which Sugimara also had Inoue (Jin Arc), Fuji (Kujaku arc, too bad he never became a head writer) and some decent Arakawa episodes. The show itself was interesting with the battle of the Dai vs. Gorma, the whole plot of not all Gorma are evil and of course, Shadam the real backstabber. Shadam in the show felt like he was another Radiguet- sadistic, depraved and power hungry to the point he's willing to even get rid of his wife and twin sons Kou and Akumaro to get what he wants! I was just wondering why Shadam turned to mud in the end, which was probably written to make us decide what he really was.

Jyuken Sentai Gekiranger- After some time of overly rewatching old school Sentai I just mentioned, I thought Gekiranger at first was bad until I watched it. It got me hooked with all its martial arts elements, tribute to martial artists in HK cinema and the intense Wuxia-like stories. So yeah, this was one show I felt like was really, REALLY now my favorite of the last decade. My only problem was that Long didn't have enough screen time as he is one of my favorite villains.

Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger-Well I was able to watch this thanks to subs by Grown Ups in Spandex. I've seen Zyuranger raw here and there but with English as my primary language (plus I'm estranged from my ancestral languages of Mandarin and Cantonese), I was excited to see it fully subbed! For one, I've seen the finale raw but seeing it all subbed, woohoo! I feel like rewinding this show much more than the first season of MMPR.

Chojuu Sentai Liveman- Yeah I did see the finale in raw, some episodes in raw but watching it whole made me think in spite of the finale, it is a FREAKING GREAT SERIES! I mean, if I could accept Jetman's rather idiotic death to Gai Yuki, I did learn to accept Liveman's weaker final moments. For me, the whole series was all about at first blinded by revenge, then moving to the path of redemption. The whole academics theme of Liveman vs. Bias was fun to watch. Bias was also one awesome villain, too bad he died with such a lame death imo. But it was a fun series.

Hyajakuu Sentai Gaoranger- After seeing Wild Force, I decided to watch this after I found other ways to watch it. So far, I have read much of its story in detail from the Sentai Sanctorum, found them enjoyable and I love how the series goes. For me, in spite of not having a Master Org for the series, the series has better execution and acting than Wild Force which was bland plus (but I like the season) with the better humor. So far, it's not really all that magnificent but I can rewind this all over again!

Engine Sentai Go-onger- No matter how stupid and silly this season is, but I just can't bring myself to hate it. I don't consider it awesome, it's not exactly comedy gold but I love its blatant silliness which for me, made it fun to watch. I haven't seen much of Carranger to make a better comparison BUT I just like this series. I don't love it but I don't hate it, I still like this series. So in spite of Fantasy Leader not finding anything good in his criticism of this series, I still can't bring myself to hate it. Mr. Smith and me both like this series.

Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger- I thought it was an interesting anniversary season and it was written by Naruhisa Arakawa. It was nice to have alumni, the cast was interesting but most of the villains are just boring IMO (especially Warz Gill is like President Nobita) but Basco coming in made the show interesting with his quest for the Greatest Treasure, plus his rivalry with Marvelous was fun to watch. For me, not even Ackdos' arrival really brought much. Basco, yeah he was a real fun bad guy to the point I actually in a way, felt bad for him when he died since I thought he should have died last. Of course, this was also the time when that stupid rumor that Gai Ikari will die went around, fortunately he didn't die.

Denji Sentai Megaranger- So I saw bits and pieces, raw episodes and later thanks to subs, I'm able to see more of it subbed. I thought this was one interesting series with teenagers with attitude taken to a digital level. For me it felt like carrying some parts of Turboranger (school setting), Bioman (electronics, science battle) and Flashman (Hinelar also shares plots with Lee Keflen aside from Dr. Man). So it's pretty funny how five teenagers get randomly mixed into a huge mess to become the Megarangers. It was interesting to see how Hinelar also tricked the otherwise more cruel Giluke to his death and later the Nejirangers vs. Megarangers. The Nejirangers could have won if it wasn't for their lack of cooperation. The finale also featured how the Megarangers cope up with their rejection and how they won the respect of people in the end.

Kosoku Sentai Turboranger- Sad to say I have seen most of this raw, only a few subs. Ouch! But basically, I kinda thought that the show felt like two halves- the three generals arc and the Nagare Bouma arc. So yeah, the series did suffer from issues but I still find this more enjoyable than Carranger imo, am I the only one? Sad to say but Ragorn's return was pretty rushed and the finale was pretty bad except for the redemption of the Nagare Bouma.

Tokumei Sentai Gobusters- This was one show that literally bored me but not as much as Goseiger, Kyoryuger or recently ToQger. It had interesting concepts, stuff, etc. but the problem was that at this point, Yasuko Kobayashi is probably burned out beyond belief due to how overused she is. I thought that the show had its slow pacing. It had interesting stuff for me but the show failed to reach its potential. I thought that the show also could have actually tried to take itself more serious but sigh, executive meddling. Also, I thought that the finale had great action but Jin's death was for me forced drama at best.

Mahou Sentai Magiranger- I watched bits and pieces at first and decided to watch it entirely. So far everybody is tolerable EXCEPT Houka to the point I'd say, Houka's counterpart Vida in Mystic Force is better. Enough of all the Houka dribble. I say this was a season that was full of corny humor that I did enjoy. The three generals here were like the three highnesses of Gaoranger. For me the story got more interesting with Meemy and then Dagon. This was the first family Sentai imo that actually got the whole family in the final battle compared to Fiveman. Now ONLY if I can actually see more Gogo V after realizing I've missed a lot after my stuck up moments!

Mirai Sentai Timeranger- I've seen most of it in raw (and I had to read synopsis to understand as most of what I've seen were sadly, in SPANISH). So far this series really is a complex series. It's like trying to pull some Inoue-ish elements mixed with Kobayashi's writing. The whole time themed police was also interesting to watch. It had a unique writing style accompanied by darker and edgier themes than Gingaman.

Bakuryu Sentai Abaranger - This would be ironic considering that this was Arakawa's first headwriting job and this would be my LAST of Arakawa's head writing jobs seen as of current, until Arakawa does another headwriting job in Sentai. I thought this show did dinosaurs way more justice than Abaranger.

Ressha Sentai ToQGer - So far, this is where I don't want to elaborate too much. Compared to Kobayashi's previous works, she's really either burnt out or she just quit writing good stories. This one was really just as series of burnout stories and too bad, they couldn't get Naruhisa Arakawa to write this series!

As of April 12, 2015, I have added Gingaman into this list. I would say that this was pretty much a fantastic series. What I felt about Gingaman was that it is indeed one of Yasuko Kobayashi's true masterpieces. I thought the series mixed a lot of previous series like Changeman (Earth power), Zyuranger (tribes), Dairanger (lineage, mysticism and elements) with the producer Shigenori Takatera working with Yasuko Kobayashi.

As of May 3, 2015 I have officially finished Carranger in my list of Super Sentai series. The series itself exists more with a semi-parody as the Carrangers must fight against the Bowzock who are manipulated by a greater evil that later appears in the series. I will admit that while the series is better than Carranger,

I have finished Ohranger. I really still feel like the series is pretty underrated. Granted, the series had to suffer a lot of retools no thanks to the earthquake and sarin gas incident that happened during that year. However, I think the series itself can still be liked and I really am among its fans. Yeah I know the show had a lot of merchandising dribble but as said, they had to try and save the show. Fortunately Carranger came out and allowed Super Sentai to continue.

As of late, I have finished Kyoryuger. It does seem fun at first but later, a lot of the show's humor just falls apart. Maybe it's just not my type. I felt like Abaranger was better written in terms of characters. This show is just too energetic that it tends to get obnoxious. Makes dinosaurs glad they're dead. =P

Battle Fever J was a fun ride in the 70s. I'll admit the show itself may be old but was an entertaining dance party. A huge relief from Kyoryuger which wasn't really my cup of tea.

Ninninger is really well mediocre at best. It's a ninja Super Sentai but where in the world are the badly needed civilian action scenes from the cast? Kazunori Inaba's comment may have been meat to target this season.

Sun Vulcan had become another part of my series watched from start to end. I'll admit that the series felt like two seasons due to the midseason change. Midway, the red ranger gets replaced, a new Vulcan Base is born and a new field commander. The first half wasn't as interesting as the second half when Hiba came introducing the red rangers with swords concept.

GoGoFive is the latest in my list. So far, it's much better than Magiranger (which I really say sucks now) and Fiveman (which I still like). So maybe, I can say if it wasn't for Fiveman, this show wouldn't exist. But you may want to owe its existence to just everything related to rescuing people and not just Tokusatsu. So I'm mission complete here!

Hurricanger has been a pretty welcome trip. After that I call the disaster that's Ninninger, Hurricanger is a show I like. Maybe it's considered the least of Junichi Miyashita's works by some fans. I haven't seen much of Miyashita's works to actually criticize his works fully. But as far as I'm concerned, I'm actually a fan of Hurricanger.

The latest addition is Changeman. Honestly, I think this series proves that a lot of stuff in Super Sentai are worth watching. It's pretty much the first space Super Sentai series to be followed by a "sequel" in Flashman. I find this military and space themed Super Sentai to be very good. Now beware as you're about to hear me flaunt Super Sentai all over again.

Ucchu Sentai Kyuranger is what was last year's Super Sentai. I admit it was a fun ride. Not to mention, it really hit on Star Wars' 40th year anniversary and Space Balls' 30th year anniversary. Not to mention, I just love to imagine Lucky as Lone Starr in spandex and Garu as Barf in spandex.

Goggle V is probably that series that didn't age too well. It's Hirohisa Soda's first attempt at being a head writer. I have to admit that the series was just introducing us to the basics of Soda. It's typical good science vs. evil science type of show. Not much really.

Choshinsei Flashman is a series beyond its time. For a show that takes place and was aired in 1986 - it sure did try to become a modern series. The concept of five children who were taken into some lost galaxy, they grew up there, returned to Earth only to find out that they're becoming strangers to that planet is a lot of intense stuff building up in their battle against Reconstructive Empire Mess. 

Updated: September 17, 2019


  1. It has been so long since a wrote in the comment area.
    I feel this is going to be a very long blog...

    During the mid-late 90s Super Sentai for me was almost hard to come by and it was a rare foreign treat.
    There was only two ways to get them, from friends who possessed them or through a mini convention through this guy named Paul Haberman of Henshin Video.

    At that time Kakurangers was the latest Sentai and my full Sentai Set I have behold is Dairangers!
    When I started to have money and mastered VHS copy my actual Sentai set was Dairangers and Kakuranger.
    Then Megaranger-Gingaman. From Timeranger- Abarerangers was the the last and final series which I boh saw and obtained till VHS went with the Dinosaurs.

    As highly acclaimed by fans(is it Ayumi Kinoshita) Dekaranger was there and I only saw a scattered amount of the series but luckily it is still available in YouTube subbed(ssshhhhh).

    My 1st but incomplete series on DVD bootleg is Magirangers as the final 5 episode is screwed up and that pisses me off.
    I only have Boukengers and Gekirangers
    DVD and complete.

    Since Tokusatsu is exclusive to Japan and it is not easy to obtain as Star Trek or Doctor Who and Power Rangers is not a substitute!!!

    I know who sells Sentai rip and it plays excellent and money is my problem.

    What I want is Shinkenger, Gokaigers, Gobusters and old series such as Dairangers and Zyurangers.

    My bucket list is Bioman,Changeman, Maskman and Turboranger and if I can get
    past the cheese Flashman.

    Today as We all Speak including you too!!!

    After the 51 episode run and the lowest rating score until 2013-2014.
    Gobuster had the most negative talk within fans in history!!!!

    We now have Kyoryugers and gulp... Toqugers!!!!

    Gobusters is now revered as a classic and as good as Liveman or Dairanger.

    As good as the toy sale is and it had the most Sentai members in history, Kyoryugers now has the lowest ratings beating both Ohranger and Gobusters!!!

    If the ratings continue to tank Sentai will truly be history!!!

  2. Replies
    1. I watched it for some episodes but I really found it boring. =P

    2. Goseiger has it's moments. My favorite thing about Goseiger is their battle line/catchphrase "Protecting the Planet is an Angels duty." It makes sense and it works.


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