90s Present Super Sentai Characters I See as Tributes to Previous Super Sentai Characters and Celebrities

Super Sentai has some "names the same" characters but some are probably tributes to previous characters or even actors.  Let's move on shall we?

Gai Yuki was probably created in tribute to the guest character Ryo Asuka... only this time setting him as a regular ranger.

Hideaki Fujiawara appeared in Chojin Sentai Jetman as a character named Dan.  His Zyuranger character was also named as Dan.

Burai is probably another tribute to Ryo Asoka/X-1 Mask.

Sometimes I think Lin in Dairanger is a tribute to Momoko/Pink Mask

Shadam was probably created as a tribute to Radiguet, both being cruel, sadistic and irredeemable officers.

Natsumi Kinohara may be an attempt to make a season long Mika.  Like Mika, she wears red, both have a snappy and rebellious attitude.  Fantasy Leader sees her as the closest to being a full season Mika.  I'm yet to comment much on her.

Kenta Date in Megaranger may be a tribute to KENTA Sato who acted as Riki/Red Turbo in Turboranger.  Megaranger is the second Sentai season to feature teenagers with attitude.

Chisato Jougasaki is a yellow ranger and loves photography, probably a tribute to Mika Koizumi although she was never rebellious and was a very sweet character.

Dr. Hinelar is probably a tribute to Doctor Man and Dr. Lee Keflen.  Like Dr. Lee Keflen he is a subordinate to a much higher power which he betrays and usurps.  Like Doctor Man, he is not exactly in good terms with his former friend.

Bibibedi was probably a tribute the 80s monster enlarging creatures.  Shibolena was probably a tribute to Ley Nefel looking at her creator as a father.

Gaku Washio was probably a tribute to Five Red, Gaku Hoshikawa.  Both characters tried dying once and being brought back to life.  Both are also master swordsmen.

Mikoto Nakadai is probably another tribute to Burai except he had a longer duration of being a villain.

Umeko Kodou is probably a tribute to Miku Imamura, both being pink rangers and best friends to yellow rangers who were more sensible than them.

Masumi Inou is most probably a tribute to Gai Yuki in Jetman but with a darker story.  He also does not die at the end of the episode.

Sakura Nishihori is probably a tribute to Yuuri/Time Pink and Kaori Tendo.  Like Kaori she is a rich girl.  Like Yuri, she can be very demanding.

Eiji Takaoka is probably a tribute to more than one character.  Like Shirogane, he is a loner.  Like Yamimaru, he is half-human and half-demon.  Like Jeff Kensaki in the non-canon Jetman Manga, he's got the rocker look.

Questers Gai and Rei were probably tributes to the short-lived Demon Gods Ramu and Gogu in Jetman.

Miki Masaki is probably a tribute to Aya Odagiri in Jetman, being both female mentors of their ranger groups.  Difference is Miki has the Fist Saints to help her out and she is more of a businessman though she is also badass herself.

Rio and Mele are probably a tribute to Yamimaru and Kirika in Turboranger,

Takeru's name is probably a tribute to his namesake, Takeru of Maskman, both red rangers.

Kotoha Hanaori is probably a tribute to Ako Hayasaka both being cute, bubbly, unexpectedly witty (Ako's not dumb) and can get badass when needed.

Doukoku is probably a tribute to Emperor Zeba in Maskman (being conceived out of hatred personified) and Captain Zahab (both being captains of their ships).

Shitari is probably a tribute to Pucrates being thei ship navigator and to Anagbas being an adviser-type creature villain.

Gai Ikari is probably in honor of Ryu's and Kaori's son, Gai Tendo though this is my WMG.  He's definitely a "disgrace" to Gai Yuki.

Basco is probably a tribute to Kiros in Maskman, both being villains with no allegiance whatsoever.

Can you name any?  Just comment!