An Analysis Of Megaranger's Conflict Of Science And Technology

Megaranger apparently tries to take a lot of Hirohisa Soda's era and compress it into one show while adding the sixth ranger from Sugimura era. Now what are the conflicts involving science and technology in Megaranger? Here's what I can find:

Warning there will be spoilers ahead as usual in the major plots analysis series so don't read further if you don't want to be spoiled.

Man vs. machine

INET didn't want the idea of the Galaxy Mega being piloted by teenagers with attitude so they decided to create an AI program.  It's a man vs. machine episode. In this episode, the Megarangers show how they can defeat Crayfish Nejire in spite of being teenagers with attitude.

The Megarangers also had another episode involving man vs. machine when Shun fell for a girl he didn't know was a robot. During that episode, one of the robot girls started to gain human emotions.  It reminded me of the episode in Bioman when Miki a Mecha Human was given her conscience circuit by Dr. Shibata who is actually Dr. Shinichiro Gou.  Dr. Hinelar declares her already target for termination. She like New Neural Brain and Miki sacrificed herself to defeat the second Bat Nejire.

One episode also involved replacing people with Kunekune. Dr. Hinelar's scheme is similar to that of Dr. Man but with greater nightmare fuel IMO.  A child realizes that his "father" was just a Kunekune in disguise. A child's love for a father becomes a plot to uncover the plot of the Kunekune disguising as humans episode.

During the Delta Mega's introductory arc, one can see how there's a battle of man and machine. Gurail suggests that the Nejire Kingdom takes control of Delta Mega. What I love about this one is Kenta trying to reach out to Delta Mega. The INET crew proposed to destroying Delta Mega but Kenta was able to save it.

Perhaps one of the man vs. machine conflicts that happen is that no matter how much Dr. Hinelar tries to discard his humanity, he had actually created Shibolena in the image of his dead daughter.  Dr. Hinelar was upset when Gurail combined with Yugande. So Dr. Hinelar turned Gurail into a feral monster to defeat the Megarangers. Another angle of the human vs. machine conflict is between Mega Red and Yugande.  Mega Red battles Yugande more than once, Yugande is one killer machine but Mega Red prevailed in the end.

Manipulating life

Dr. Hinelar's monsters and  experiments are biologically based.  He always has his own personal ambition which led him to betray both Gurail and even his master Javious. The monsters of Nejiranger are created from Earth's animals. Like in Flashman, Dr. Hinelar uses a gene synthesizer to carry on his cruel experiments against mankind. I haven't seen much of Flashman to comment but I hope Flashman fans will comment on the matter! Dr Hinelar also used a power-up pill that turned Gurail into a feral monster to destroy the Megarangers.

One of the episodes also had Kenta with his new friend Kumotan.  Kumotan was actually a failed project of a Nejire beast and an important component of Angler Fish Nejire. Unlike Angler Fish Nejire, Kumotan develops human feelings and a bond with Kenta. Like the New Neural Brain in Bioman, he had become a useless tool that Dr. Hinelar decides him as a failed experiment. Kumotan like New Neural Brain sacrificed himself so the Megarangers can defeat the Angler Fish Nejire.

Dr. Hinelar was also having his evil life manipulations. In the Nejire Arc, it is discovered that he used the DNA of Javious to slowly drain his master's life force. After he got rid of Javious after the last of the Nejirangers were destroyed, he created Hinelar City. Dr. Hinelar sought to reprogram humanity as his mindless slaves so he can begin a new era under his rule. However the Megarangers managed to stop his evil plan, destroying his entire evil city in the process. This led him to finally decide to deal with Megarangers' painfully as possible.

Dr. Hinelar also tried to manipulate life in the sense, to break the Megaragers' humanity. He attacked them knowing their true identities, got humanity to shun the Megarangers and led his attacks, hoping to win.  However he was proven wrong when the classmates of the Megarangers finally saw what was going on.

Good Science vs. Evil Science

The central conflict of the show is apparently set on Dr. Kubota and Dr. Hinelar. Dr. Hinelar was once the scientist Dr. Samejima, a good friend of Dr. Hinelar but the conflict started with their ideas. In Bioman, we have Dr. Shinichiro Gou who was once a close friend of Dr. Hideo Kageyama, who became the show's main villain Dr. Man. I felt like this feud also was a tribute to Megaman's Dr. Light and Dr. Wily, who both were once friends but became enemies because of conflicting views on how to use science. Again note Megaman is known as Rockman in Japan. Coincidence that the show is called Megaranger?  Now moving on.

Dr. Hinelar back when he was Dr. Samejima had his ambitious experiment which risked his daughter's life. Dr. Kubota was a conservative scientist who accepted limitations like Dr. Samejima did not. Dr. Samejima discovered Nejire and Dr. Kubota wanted to stop him. However Dr. Samejima entered ther and he volunteered to be part of the Nejire Kingdom as Javious I's second-in-command Dr. Hinelar. While there, he already schemed to take over his master's new kingdom as soon as ppssible.

In the Nejiranger Arc, one can see the level of conflict. Dr. Hinelar modified a prototype for the Megaranger suits into the Nejire Suits, Dr. Kubota had knew Dr. Hinelar was behind it. Dr. Kubota wanted to make peace with his former friend but the latter had already become obstinate about his destiny. Most of what was happening to Dr. Hinelar was the fault of his evil ambitions such as the loss of his daughter and his own body being twisted as his evil mind. Here his Nejirangers were defeated by the Megarangers no matter how dangerous they were, proving his own brand of science was on the losing side.