Aya Odagiri, Tetomu and Miki Masaki as Female Mentors

Super Sentai usually had male mentors but at times, it had female mentors.  These are the following icons of women's rights and of course, gender fairness.  There are a couple of female rangers but I want to pay tribute to those women not in spandex who stand out as teachers:

Commander Aya is the first female mentor for Chojin Sentai Jetman.  Sometimes we had female assistants who were brains behind the men.  I here, she takes over the place that was lost by her superior and proves she can do a good job while maintaining gender fairness.  What I like about her as a commander is that she always manages to put the team together whenever it's needed.  Also I just love how she respected Ryu's tears over Rie when she said, "Cry now so you don't have to later."  I hate it whenever male commanders just berate a man when they cry.  I hated it when I was berated for crying because I was a man, and sadly even one of them was a woman.  But she believes it's only normal to cry because we all need a gentle side.  Best moment of Aya?  It was when she stood up against that chauvinistic commander Ichijou, risked her help the help the Neo-Jetmen and showed that S.O.B. why he didn't deserve his position.  She goes against gender biases and believes that qualifications not gender makes a true warrior.  Another good moment?  Piloted Jet Garuda and defeated Leech Drill when the Jetmen were in a severe situation.  For Gatchaman comparison, she's not a female Dr. Nambu but she is based on Gatchaman II's Sylvie Pandora.

Tetomu is another.  Okay she's not all that badass (she can still fight) but she is what you'd call that school teacher who supports her students and I still love her for that.  She treats the Gaorangers as students, she is a mentor not a tormentor.  She has the power to calm the worst fears and men are usually POOR at calming people down!  I just love her role as Gaorangers' mentor with the school teacher approach.  I also love how she outsmarted Rasetsu teaching the prince of pain some respect before the Gaorangers ultimately save the day.

Maybe the best female mentor of the three is Miki Masaki.  She's a mother to her daughter who she has time to be with (most people today fathers and mothers tend to be negligent towards children, and now both sides tend to share the blame too), she is a mentor to the Gekirangers and she is part of the whole research department of SCRTC, she is one who is in charge of development and for me, she beats Aya.  Aya was a start, she is a better Aya for me, continuing what Aya left behind.  As a mother, she takes time to be with her daughter.  As a mentor, she is motherly to the Gekirangers. As a fighter, I'd love to learn under her as well and I believe respect is not gender-based but honor-based.  What I like about her is that she's never afraid to speak her mind out.  Despite being a tough woman, she actually has a huge respect for anybody who deserves it and punishes those who deserve it.


  1. Another rare Sentai trope that needs to be used again...

  2. Totomo reminds me of Gaia from Captain Planet.

    Miki Masaki is in the same category as Oboto Hinata and Swan Shiratori as they are Secretary that also acts as mentors.
    Miki should have been a Gekiranger as she is a Leopard fist master and she is Sexy too.


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