Dekaranger's Unique Enemies: The Alienizers!

After doing an episode writers' analysis on Dekaranger (man those critiques are really hard), I would probably want to do some criticism on the more unusual and unique storyline of one of my favorite Super Sentai, Tokosou Sentai Dekaranger.  I will also confess that I tend to be biased when a new season of Super Sentai feels "unusual" never mind, sometimes you need to break the mold.  Now for my critique to Dekaranger as a uniquely executed Super Sentai season!

So one may ask.. why so unusual?  You have the five members, sixth members are now expected these days, you have primary and secondary mecha... what's so different?  Good you asked.  Now it's time for me to show what's unique about Dekaranger!  I would say that while Dekaranger has usual Sentai tropes such the five man team, the sixth ranger (it's very common now), the team mentor... but now to focus on its unique aspect... the way Alienizers (a name called for the alien criminals) is being handled throughout the whole season!

The monster of the week in Dekaranger is similar to that of Timeranger- Alien criminals who wreck havoc.  But unlike the criminals in Timeranger, these monsters weren't sent by a big bad but instead, most of them worked on their own way and were suspects of the week. Dekaranger feels more or less like a cop show with the Dekarangers chasing suspects and deleting those who are approved by the court (not surprisingly Tsukada its head producer is also Kamen Rider W's producer).   Most of them are wanted dead or alive and had to be deleted on the spot for their heinous crimes.  While I felt like it was, "That's it I ain't watching it." but after giving it a try, I am pretty entertained with how these crimes happen in Dekaranger and how the Dekarangers solve these crimes.  A few are enlarged, others pilot giant robots and are destroyed together with their giant robot.

What is also unique and unusual about Dekaranger is their archenemy Abrella.  Abrella doesn't send the Alienizers.  You have no field commanders working for him.  He doesn't even immediately show up being the head of the Galactic Black Market.  He sells the Alienizers all the weapons they need, he renders them services for money.  He has no subordinates until the finale.  He is a menace that constantly remains hard to catch because of his elusive nature.  In fact, all these characteristics make him one of my favorite villains in Super Sentai.

Next stop, I might write, "Why is Jasmine So Popular?"


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