Episode Writers' Analysis Part 12: Mahou Sentai Magiranger

Magiranger for me felt like a series of attempting to mix Fiveman (siblings team), Gaoranger (three arcs) and a season that got me mixed.  Particularly because of... HOUKA!  Houka does get really irritating while Urara is real empowerment for the show.  The series had me mixed.  So yeah we have Maekawa, Arakawa, the writing team Michiko Yokote before it fell apart and Akatsuki Yamatoya.

You can tell how much I didn't enjoy the show that much too...

Atsushi Maekawa (main writer) : 1-5, 9-10, 13, 16, 20, 28, 35-36, 41-42, 49 (16 eps)

Episodes 1-5 is an introduction to the whole Ozu family.  We are introduced to the fact that the Ozu family isn't aware of their true heritage as of that point.  I would admit the writing had done a good job introducing the mecha and the differences of the family.  Again, it really irritates me to how Houka can be that stupid at the same time, a bit of Kai as the youngest becoming the red ranger.

Episodes 9 has the Fire Kaizer introduced.  For me the episode had Kai develop as a character in spite of being the youngest.

Episode 10 kind of addresses the truth that men and women can be beyond comprehension.  I just love the whole love story of Makito and Eriko.  It shows that even if their love is not without thorns, they still made up in the end of the episode.

Episode 13 is a silly episode with the morals on money.  At the same time, Urara shows the bad side of her when she becomes too controlling.  She tries to think what mother would do, she became a mother figure for her siblings.  For me, the episode also had a funny note that actually discovered that, Makito's bad was just there all along.  Also shows a lesson against impulsiveness.

Episode 16 features a mysterious woman who turns out to be Lunagel.  So Lunagel had lost her memories.  At the end of the episode, she regains them.

Episode 20 is a remake of the Frog Prince story.  What I do love about this one is where Urara conquers her fear of frogs.  The frog is actually Hikaru or Sungel.  So Hikaru becomes an important ally to the Magirangers for the rest of the series, as well as Urara's love interest turned husband.

Episode 28 is for me one decent story.  Tsubasa falls for a mysterious girl, it's all that you have a hard time accepting the truth.  What freaks me out is that the mysterious girl had been dead and yeah, it's predictable she will have to go away.  It does show love stories don't always end happy and that if you love someone, sometimes you have to let them go.  I did feel sorry for Tsubasa in this episode!

Episodes 35-36 are basically the whole introduction of the Hades Gods.  The Hades Gods appear to be pretty threatening with Dagon in charge.  At the same time, it brings in a lot of serious cliffhangers and weird ways the Hades Gods deal with the Magirangers.  We also get more development of Urara and Hikaru as well as their mother.

Episodes 41-42 is the Christmas special for two episodes.  It also features Snowgel finally evolving.  Kai has a special role with Akane in making that Christmas Cake.  I felt like this was another of those fight before Christmas specials.  The family learns the spirit of the holiday especially when they learn that their father is alive.

Episode 49 is the final episode.  I wonder if it was production decision to let him just write the finale at the last minute or what?  So Sphinx takes over Infershia for the better, we also have the whole family finally destroying N-Ma with all their might.  I just thought that the episode kinda felt rushed, making me think Fiveman's final episode felt better than this.

Michiko Yokote : 8, 11-12, 15, 19, 21, 25-26, 29-30, 33-34, 39-40, 47-48 (16 eps)

Episode 8 is a sisters focused episode.  For one, I really felt annoyed by this episode especially with Houka.  At least, Urara tries to balance this.  Other than that, I think Houka is really one person I may rant about soon though I don't want to sound sexist. so I may not do it.

Episode 11-12 has Houka turned into a vampire.  While I was hoping Houka would develop for the better, she doesn't.  Ugh.  I really felt like the whole two parter was a waste if Houka doesn't develop.  I just thought that the arc lacks nightmare fuel too.  But at least Nai and Mea show they aren't laughable.

Episode 15 is yet another Houka depowerment and shows us how much of a playgirl Houka is.  At this point, I would say that Houka pisses me off.  But on the positive side, choosing not to marry at the end of it was nice of her since the battle with Infershia ain't over.

Episode 19 features the arrival of both Smoky and Memmy.  I felt like the whole episode was focused on Smoky the Genie.  So yeah, a big shout out to Aladdin isn't it?

Episode 21 is a time travel episode.  I kind of find it funny the landed on the stone age and it made me want to sing Zyuranger's theme.  The Magirangers also learn a lesson in resourcefulness in this episode when stuck in the stone age.  Too bad Makito's gf Eriko doesn't get any more appearances after this episode.

Episode 25 is a lesson that courage comes from within.  The plot involves stealing stuff made from things people cherish the most and turning them into a dynamite.  Kai loses his courage but thanks to Hikaru, realizes it's from within.  Reminds me of the episode of Kenta in Maskman becoming a coward.  The end of the episode has all the stuff stolen restored to their owners.

Epsiode 26 was one episode that could have turned into nightmare fuel.  Smoky is wrongly accused of turning the food into sand but it was a plot by the Harpy monster.  The episode has it that when people are hungry, these "worms" will soon eat them.  So okay provided Sentai has gotten less violent and scary, don't expect any of those kinks.  It also featured more of Smoky's past.

Episodes 29-30 introduces us to the Legend Modes. It also features the plot of the Evil Ice.  For one, I felt like it was meh.

Episodes 33-34 reveals that Wolzard is indeed the father of the Magirangers and he is indeed, once Blagel.  We learn also that Blagel sacrificed himself to prevent the rebirth of N-Ma.  But like most Sentai attempts to prevent the big bad from ever resurfacing, it really fails miserably.

Episodes 39-40 is a two parter body switching episode and battle against Medusa.  For one, I really hate how Kai had to switch places with Houka of all people. Well at least Houka got some development here and so does Kai.  But majority of the show has me ranting about Houka being a bad example.

Episodes 47-48 is the bonding of the family for the finale.  Also, we have Urara marrying Hikaru because they believe that they can't win.  Although it's predictable in Sentai that they will win, but at least we had some human side of making sure.  In real life, the good guys don't always win against evil!

Naruhisa Arakawa : 6-7, 14, 17-18, 22-24, 27, 31, 43-44 (12 eps)

Episodes 6-7 was featured as development for Kai vs. Wolzard.  I would say that at although Magiranger feels meh to me now, but Arakawa makes some effort to write some decent episodes.  It does present some interesting development for Wolzard and Kai as well as the family.

Episode 14 was decent development for Kai and showing while we can't master everything, we can certainly learn something.  I just love how Kai manages to learn basic boxing in this episode since Tsubasa sprained his arm. At the same time, it's weird how Kai is in a love triangle against himself... similar to Kamen Rider V3's predicament.

Episodes 17-18 is an arc that shows why gentleness is as necessary as toughness.  Lunagel believes Kai and the Magirangers are weak.  What I thought about this is although I'm not all that impressed storywise, but the Magirangers managed to prove that gentleness is a necessary force.

Episode 22 has Hikaru and Houka warped back to Ancient Kyoto or is it?  I would admit that at least Houka gets some development in this episode!

Episode 23-24 features the use of forbidden magic or listen to your elders.  Tsubasa learns it the hard way that after using time magic, it nearly destroys him.  I love the development that Tsubasa had to leanr in obedience.  His journey to get the Staff of Forgiveness served as a hard lesson to why the rules exist.

Episode 27 is a lesson on family values.  I just love how this episode had the Magirangers nearly divide then return at the end.  It shows the importance of family.

Episode 31 has the dilemma of the Magirangers with Legend Mode.  As they would use it, they may lose their memories in the process.  Realizing that the safety of the world is at hand, they take the risk.  I love how they are rewarded at the end of the episode!

Episodes 43-44 is the Magirangers discovering their mother is still alive.  I just thought that there were really hints that Miyuku was alive.  This two parter proves she was still alive.

Akatsuki Yamatoya : 32, 37-38, 45-46 (5 eps)

Episode 32 is a hint that Wolzard is the father of the Magirangers.  It also focuses on Makito and Kai.

Episode 37-38 is the first Hades Gods arc.  We know these guys cause cliffhangers.  For me, Makito gets development but why do I yawn too much?

Episodes 45-46 has the Afro Hades Gods being good.  It's pretty sad really how most good monsters have to die.  I give credit to this one that I am disliking Houka less here.  Wolzard becomes Sungel Fire Form and it is also close to what the finale would be heading towards.

Sigh I had a brain freeze writing this! =(


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