Episode Writers' Analysis Part 1: Chodenshi Bioman

After doing a major plots analysis, I'll do an episode analysis by writers and how they managed to do it for better or for worse.  Some of them will be pretty incomplete because I don't know how to read the Japanese kanji.  Thanks to Tokuwarriors for providing me the information to do so:

Hirohisa Soda (main writer)- episodes 1-8, 10-11, 13-14, 16-17, 19-20, 22, 25-26, 28, 30-38, 40, 43-44, 47-51

Obviously and no doubt that Hirohisa Soda wrote most of Chodenshi Bioman.  He's the primary writer and it was the golden age of the 80s Sentai, or for some, the golden age of Sentai stories.  After discussing Bioman's major plots, I'd like to talk about how he writes episodes.  And I just love his episodes.

Episodes 1-3 introduces use to the basic personalities of the Big Three. Episodes 1-2 writes Mika Koizumi's introduction which sadly, Soda had to write her off in episode 10 thanks to Yuki Yajima's rather unprofessional leave.  He also wrote episode 11 which introduced Jun Yabuki and Farrah's personality was now more defined.  TBH I thought Farrah not Mason is more fit for infiltration missions.

Episode 13 wrote Jun's character development to where she has to choose between archery and the Biomen.  I love how Jun had self-doubt in that episode when she shot Shiro's arm, plus the chemistry she had with Shiro was fun to watch.

Episode 14 had more development than Hikaru.  She befriends the Neural Computer Brain who defects from Gear to help the Biomen.  A very sad episode but at the same time, we see more development.  Not only does Hikaru get better but we see that in spite of her lack of strength, she makes it up with her wits and she has improved as a fighter at the same time.  The episode also featured a Beastnoid retreating which made me say, "WHY ON EARTH DON'T THEY JUST DIE?!"

Episode 16 was yet another intense episode.  Soda manages to make Jun more of her own character than just a shadow of Mika.  At least Mika can rest in peace seeing Jun being able to stop a bomb that could have destroyed Japan.  A very thrilling episode since Dr. Man had set a powerful bomb that could set an earthquake of intensity 8 to cause panic in Japan.

Episode 17 was a standard filler episode.  I thought it showed Shiro being badass but at the same time, that kid was so annoying.

Episodes 19-20 is when another major plot happens.  It introduces us to these plots- that Dr. Man is a human being, Mason doubting Dr. Man for being human and Dr. Man's supposed son Prince.  We learn in this episode also what Ryuta was as a teenager... a bully.  Ryuta can't stand to see Prince waste his youth and plans to stop the latter not just for the city, but also for the latter's well-being.  Episode 20 reveals that Prince was just a Mecha Human so it can't be helped.  It reveals bits of what Dr. Man is and Mason starting to doubt his mission for Gear after learning Dr. Man is human.

Episode 22 is one of my favorite episodes of Bioman focusing on Ryuta.  I just love the comic action and of course, the fact that Ryuta still fights on in spite of being framed with a Mecha Human version of himself.  Dr. Man should have also replicated the others and framed them too.

Episodes 25-26 is rightfully Soda's.  He wrote the Prince arc, now he also writes the continuation of the Prince arc when Dr. Man's real son is discovered.  Dr. Man created Prince as a replacement goldfish.  Now in this episode, Dr. Man discovers his real son Shuichi is still out there.  However Shuichi after learning that Dr. Man was his father, also discovers his father's dreadful origin.  This was one arc that made me pee in my pants because of Dr. Man's origin story- at the same time I thought of turning myself into a robot and into the world's greatest genius BEFORE I saw Bioman!  Dr. Man becomes a complete robot in this episode  as well.

Episode 28 was one episode I'd consider to be REALLY scary.  Dr. Man is supposedly assassinated by the Big Three because they made up their minds they should not be led by a human.  It had me fooled for awhile but was glad to see Dr. Man alive and well.  The downside was that Farrah and Monster became too standardized after some time later.

Episode 30 was a filler arc.  It featured a closing to the first half of Bioman.  I loved the moment when Shiro outsmarted Monster.  I love the samurai action.  I also thought it was funny how Shiro suddenly became a random fiance, which also resulted to a hilarious scene in the closing scene.

Episode 31 kills off Messerjuu and Aquaigaiger while introducing us to the new Mechagigans called the Megas robots.

Episode 32 features us to Mason and Psygorn upgraded.  The upgrades were pretty badass with the Mason Vulcan and Mason Rockets.  Psygorn had the most badass look ever.  The episode gives development on Jun like when she helps some girl gain confidence in ballet and two, when she actually beats the upgraded Psygorn with a car!  I also LOVE the fact that Gear is powering up which means, more intense plots.  The Biomen finish the new Super Maser technique known as the Bio Particle Cut.

Episode 33 features us to Farrah and Mettlzer upgraded.  I always thought why in the world didn't Dr. Man upgrade Farrah Cat as well?  It also featured us to Shingo's past when he gave up baseball and tried to heal his broken spirit. The Biomen are just one step closer to finishing the Super Electron.

Episode 34 ends the upgrade arc.  It got interesting how Monster was able to grab the parts of Juuoh.  Obviously Juuoh survived the attack in episode 31 and his parts were most likely intact.  This also has the Biomen complete their Super Electron move.  A very neat wrap up to the Gear upgrade arc.

Episodes 35-36 features us to the testing of the formula for the sixth warrior and sadly the last time we see Farrah use subtle tactics.  Shota Yamamori appears as a test formula.  The actor Hiroki Kurosaki appeared to test the henshin formula.  Dr. Man seeks to create the Magne Warrior to defeat the Biomen.  It was a test formula that tested both Hikaru Kurosaki for Juspion and two, looks like the world wasn't ready yet for the sixth ranger that time... a move that Maskman will do later.

Episode 37-38 is a neat introduction for Silver.  It also brought back Mika Koizumi to mind even if she was merely mentioned as "Yellow 4".  It was nice for the producers to bring back the Anti-Bio Particles.  The way Soda wrote Silver is so terrifying it's entertaining.

Episode 40 was an interesting take on Monster.  Monster managed to plan something right the first time when he hi-jacked the Bio Turbo.  It also was good character development for Shingo as he seeks to right his wrong.  I just love the comedy this episode had with Monster and Juuoh having their quest for speed, at the same time how they were defeated.

Episodes 43-44 focuses on Satan Megas and Miki.  Soda manages to drive in a really sad conflict when Miki the Mecha Human gets human emotions only to realize she is linked to Satan Megas.  As long as Miki was alive, Satan Megas cannot be defeated.  Shuichi, Dr. Man's son makes another appearance for two episodes thus bringing the father/son conflict to another level.  We see Dr. Shibata who is hinted to Dr. Man's past, and as I thought, he was Shiro's father which was later revealed.

Episode 47 finally confirms that I always thought... Shiro IS the son of Dr. Shibata.  Dr. Man's son stays for the finale arc because of his important role.

Episode 48 features the death of Monster and the entrance of Balzion.  I just love how Balzion finally shows up and how it's finally time another Beastnoid dies!  Okay, I would admit I also felt sorry for Monster when Juuoh died.  Monster also died in this episode so Gear than get hold of Balzion.  Juuoh gets shot by Silver's Bi-Buster many times before he is finished off by the Super Electron.

Episode 49 features Farrah's and Mettlzer's death.  This episode has the rivalry of Dr. Man and his former friend Dr. Shibata showed all the more.  The Biomen are encouraged to fight to the end.  The Biomen realize that Balzion is a truly frightening robot as their strongest technique just could not defeat Balzion.  Mettlzer dies from being seriously injured by Silver and the Biomen.

Episode 50 is where Mason and Psygorn dies.  Dr. Man's New Empire Gear is becoming Old Empire Gear as his forces are falling apart.  The Biomen discover the location of Dr. Man's fortress and seeks to end the battle once and for all.  Shuichi disguises himself as Prince (after seeing Silver's robot) and seeks to rescue Dr. Shibata.  Dr. Shibata also dies in this episode to free the Biomen.  Mason is killed by Silver while I can't understand how Psygorn died since he wasn't seriously injured by Silver.  I love the Mason/Silver battle which finally gets the final union of Silver with his robot Balzion.  Peebo is teleported into the Bio Robo and charges it up full scale allowing Silver to be defeated.

Episode 51 is the closing.  Dr. Man decides to confront the Biomen with his King Megas to destroy them. Worse, Dr. Man has placed some Anti-Bio Particles into his final creation.  Peebo is again teleported into Bio Robo to use the same power charge to defeat King Megas.  When the Super Maser is struck into the cockpit, it seriously injures Dr. Man.  However Dr. Man was once trick on his sleeve left as he activates the Anti-Bio Bomb which could blow up the Earth.  After standard defeating of Farrah Cat (finally she's gone too) and the remaining Mecha Clones, Dr. Man is faced n a battle of emotions.  Shuichi tries to connect to Dr. Man's human side.  The Biomen also prod Dr. Man to listen to his son.  Dr. Man dies asking the Biomen to let the world know he died as Dr. Man.  The Anti-Bio Bomb is stopped, Peebo departs for space.

Kyoko Sagiyama- Episodes 15, 18, 21, 24, 27, 29, 41, 46

As a female writer, I think she really knows how to create the female tag team episodes.  I would dare say, she managed to handle the new concept of two females instead of one for Bioman.

Episode 15 was one good episode for me.  What I love about the episode is the first episode where both Jun and Hikaru get some focus.  The episode features the Devil Fungus, the cure was supposedly in Planet Bio but was gone... and Hikaru gets the cure.  It also features Hikaru's weakness and Jun's strength as both females complement each other in combat.

Episode 18 features the psychic girl's prayer.  Dr. Man is digging for some super metal. Shingo meets this girl who can see through the future which causes problems for Gear.  Farah uses some deceptive technique and gets the pendant which allows the girl to see through the future.  I just love how the girl gives up her power in the end, realizing that she's better off without that gift.

Episode 24 features another Shingo focus episode and of course, Farrah.  Dr. Man launches his new plan to turn flowers into bombs as a subtle way to get even with humanity.  It shows how Dr. Man seeks to use harmless flowers as his new weapons of mass destruction.

Episode 27 is another girl power episode and a very good one at it.  It shows that most of the time, most men aren't really the type to get out of a situation that requires much brainpower.  I just love the nightmare fuel involving Gear's control of a Japanese town with the Spider Kans.  It has also loads of action, the subtle plan of Hikaru to get caught and Jun's badass in one.  Who says girls aren't necessary?

Episode 41 is yet another focus on Jun and Hikaru.  It did have some humor when Monster dreamt of marrying Farrah.  Enough of that, Jun ad Hikaru yet again kick ass in a situation where they discover how to stop the demonic lullaby.  My only qualm here is how Farrah isn't all that deceptive anymore.

Episode 46 is her only episode with Monster as the focus and Ryuta.  I just love how the Biomen go into football mode as they fight Gear.  This also included how stupid Monster can really get. =P

Kunio Fuji- Episodes 9, 12, 23, 45

One important sub-writer in the Soda era is Kunio Fuji.  Bioman was the first series I get to view his writings.

Episode 9 is an episode where Ryuta gets separated from the rest of the team.  Dr. Man builds a sinister computer using kids' brains to analyze the Biomen's statistics.  I just love how this episode had Ryuta separated, we also see the limits of the Bio Robo as well.

Episode 12 is a Shingo focused episode.  Mason has a rather seemingly retarded plan to launch balloons, Shingo looking like an idiot to think he killed a human being (come on, humans DO NOT explode when you slash them) while I can understand why the kid was fooled.  This episode showed an interesting side of Mason's cruelty at the same time stupidity.  Why?  While he had fun torturing Shingo but at the same time, why doesn't he just kill the hostages or at least, put them under mind control?  Shingo well loses a load of logic in that episode until he proves the boy's father alive.

Episode 23 for me felt rather stupid.  So we have some girl who runs away seeking to be a talent but fortunately she came into her senses.  This is also the first time we see Mason disguise himself as a human, but too obvious for the Biomen while the others can't recognize him.  Dr. Man's plan to blow up submarines from the underwater was also a pretty good plan to start a war so he can take over the world.

Episode 45 was a thrilling episode for me.  Farrah attaches a bomb to Jun which turns her into a human bomb.  I really felt the clock ticking which I believe the Biomen were gonna lose.  Jun shoots the bomb off away just in time.

Yuu Yamamoto- Episode 39

Episode 39 had some development for Hikaru at the same time, Mason trapping the Biomen and Silver.  Silver also pilots a Megas robot into battle.  What I love about the episode is we wee how Silver actually isn't so easy to take down!

Takeshi Narumi- Episode 42

Clearly the best Gou moment.  I love how his suitless fighting was so awesome.  Other than that, I also enjoyed the plot where a man cares about the forest and Gear's activities causes a lot of chaos.  Monster and Juuoh were tasked to taking over a dam which can mean major trouble if it bursts.  An interesting episode with loads of action as well.


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