Episode Writers' Analysis Part 4: Kosoku Sentai Turboranger

Kosoku Sentai Turboranger was a test formula for teenagers with attitude.  At the same time, it was where Soda was basically in decline and his era was coming to an end.  Now for the episode analysis:

Hirohisa Soda (main writer) : 1-5, 7, 10, 13-15, 17, 20-21, 23-24, 27-33, 36, 38-40, 44-50  (33 eps)

Episodes 1-2 is the introduction of Turborangers to the Bouma.  At this point, I was thinking whether or not Seelon was wise in her decision to choose teenagers with attitude to fight a 10,000 year old awakened threat of the Bouma.  We are introduced to the Bouma's officers and their leader Emperor Ragorn.  It was also one to try and link Sentai to ancient mankind in spite of the use of modern technology.

Episode 3 features some nightmare fuel and comedy at once.  Ms. Yamaguchi notices something is different with the Turborangers' like Riki's baseball pitch even dies out.  This features a weird plot of Dango Bouma turning humans into balls, which he plans to serve to Ragorn.  I kinda freaked out with Dango Bouma's imagination there.

Episode 4 had the samurai town theme.  Jarmin seeks to revert Japan back to the past, which is a good plan considering a de-powered town woud make it easier for the Bouma to conquer the place.  It features Daichi's personality.

Episode 5 was a lesson on environmental pollution.  Rehda releases Slime Bouma to eat up the pollution and turn them into monsters.  Two children thought that there was a good monster who ate up the garbage.  However the monster only returns it more.  It's Haruna's focus proving she's not just a pretty face.  Dr. Dazai introduces the Turborangers' special weapons.

Episode 7 has Jarmin's flying house monster.  Oh insert the theme song!  Jarmin uses the monster to destroy the houses of people.  It also features Youhei's childhood friend at the same time.  Overall, Youhei proves he's not just a slacker in spite of being playful.

Episode 10 features the Wular highway plot.  A child's mother makes him some lunch.  I thought the whole episode was touching with the mother/child plot.  At the same time, it shows that Sentai foot soldiers in huge numbers COULD defeat the heroes.

Episodes 13-15 features the arrival of Yamimaru who is a Nagare Bouma.  Yamimaru is a neutrally aligned villain introduced into this episode.  I love how Yamimaru enters into the scene disguised as Hikaru Nagareboshi.  If there's any teenager with a bad attitude (in spite of wandering the Earth for 20,000 years he DOES look like a teenager), it's Yamimaru.  It also features why the Turborangers were chosen in the first place.

Episode 17 is Daichi's focus and some mysterious fruit that Ragorn and Yamimaru race after.  I love how Daichi gets badass all in here.

Episode 20 is a comedic episode of Daichi vs. Sumo Bouma.  I kinda felt sorry for Sumo Bouma as he was a good monster.  I love the comedy this episode has. At the same time, Zimba shows how much of a hate lover he can be when he reverted Sumo Bouma back to being evil.  Sumo Bouma was defeated in a sumo match, allowing him to rest in peace.

Episode 21 features Racer Bouma vs. Red Turbo.  It features also some development for Miss Yamaguchi to how she actually had a student who lost his life quite early.  Yamimaru shows how much of a troll he can be in this episode.

Episode 23 features a summer episode.  As teenagers, the Turborangers try to have some fun only for the Bouma to attack again.  It's weird how the monster in this episode turns people into masks and attaches them into palm trees.  Feels pretty half-brained.

Episode 24 has some development for Haruna.  Zimba's plan was to turn people into dogs which for me, pretty silly.  I mean, he could have killed pets instead but this episode was kinda silly.

Episode 27 is the beginning of a midseason finale.  Ragorn gets mad that the Turborangers are still around.  Zimba offers to finish them himself.  The Turborangers lose their powers (AGAIN).  Zimba challenges them for the final time.  In a desperate moment the Turborangers regain their powers and defeat Zimba.  Yamimaru enlarges Zimba and the Turbo Robo is defeated.  However Zimba is destroyed by the Turbo Builder.  This episode also gave a hint of the new villain Kirika.

Episode 28 is where Jarmin goes on her death mission.  She reveals her other half called the Kuroko Bouma.  The Turbo Rugger is introduced in this episode. Daichi does a reckless thing to get the parts needed by Dr. Dazai to complete the Turbo Rugger.  Black Turbo defeats Jarmin and the Kuroko Bouma, which reveals that whatever happens to one, happens to the other.  Jarmin enlarges her ally and explodes.

Episode 29 is Rehda's end.  Rehda is sent by Ragorn to use the Chomajin Bouma to defeat the Turborangers.  Yamimaru has kidnapped Dr. Dazai at the end of the last episode.  The Turborangers are demanded to surrender the Turbo Rubber.  This episode has Rehda use every last dirty trick including luring Red Turbo into battle.  Red Turbo manages to defeat Rehda after the Turbo Rugger which was buried alive, interacts with the Turbo Robo.  Rehda dies and the Turborangers form the Super Turbo Robo, destroying the Chomajin Bouma.

Episode 31 is when Kirika appears.  A mysterious young woman and outcast realizes of her true heritage on what would be her 18th birthday (biologically).  She learns she is also a Nagare Bouma which manages to build itself.  This begins the second half of Turboranger with the Nagare Bouma.

Episode 32 shows Kirika becoming what she hates.  Being bullied by humanity, Kirika vows revenge but becomes what she hates in the process.  Riki hopes to reach out to her but fails.  Both Yamimaru and Kirika jojn

Episode 33 fleshes Zulten out aside from the fact he becomes the subject of a funny episode.  Yamimaru turns Zulten into a fart machine out of revenge.  It's revealed Zulten bullied Yamimaru way back then, which leads to this rather funny episode.

Episode 36 shows Zulten creating a robot version of himself.  It also introduces us to Keiko Hayase who appears as Five Yellow for the next season.  I thought the whole Zulten Metal Type episode could have been interesting.  However the monster felt so generic with its turning people into robotic slaves.  To be honest, I thought Zulten should have been written off too, he was getting useless.

Episode 38 features the End of Ragorn or not really.  The Nagare Bouma plan to take over which they kidnap Riki to battle Ragorn.  They trap Ragorn and Riki with a web barrier which causes them to duel to the death.  Red Turbo defeats Ragorn while the Bouma Palace nearly crashes into the Turbo Builder.  Ragorn enlarges, the Turborangers use the Super Turbo Builder to defeat him.  However he manages to survive for some reason.

Episode 39 for me gets really boring.  All it involves are children reading the Shikoku Book.  Quite different from the Volt Scriptures that Oblar introduced!

Episode 40 had Daichi and an acting demon.  I just love the deception plot in this episode.

Episode 44 has Youhei dealing with a boy possessed to do magic.  It kind of is an episode about revenge not working.  Villains also take advantage of the desire for revenge.  In her case, Kirika is already mad about revenge.  Overall, a morality episode imo.

Episode 45 has Ragorn's return as Neo-Ragorn.  The Turborangers want to end their conflict with the Nagare Bouma. Haruna is deceived into believing that

Kunio Fujii : 6, 8-9,  11-12, 16, 22, 35, 41 (9 eps)

Episode 6 shows Zimba's past.  Zimba was once a man who was in love with a princess but was rejected.  He releases the Agito Bouma which shows he's obsessed with tearing apart loved ones.  I thought this episode also showed Red Turbo's rivalry with Zimba.

Episode 8 features Shunsuke's focus here was helping a girl who was a flutist.  The monster Flute Bouma possesses the girl to steal energy from othres.  We see the dangers of accepting instant solutions in this episode.

Episode 9 is a Children's Day episode by Kunio Fuji.  It features the releasing of a demon inside a doll to steal treasures and possesses a boy's horse.  What I love about this episode is when Youhei saves the horse and it's a happy ending.

Episode 11 features the first good monster for Turboranger.  It also reveals something more about Rakia (aside from the Sumo Bouma episode).  Rakia and Ruffian Bouma have a history together.  This episode had Ruffian Bouma turn into a star in the end.

Episode 12 has Jarmin's love stealing mechanism.  Jarmin seeks to steal love from hopeful women probably jealous because she can't feel love.  I love the antics to outsmart the witch in this episode.

Episode 16 has Misa Yamaguchi turn back into a child.  I thought this sort of a tribute of a Goggle V episode where people were turning back into children.  Misa is returned back to her normal age as well.

Episode 22 features the Ghost Bouma episode.  It also presents some links to the fairies.  Shunsuke gets the Fairy Wing which defeats the Ghost Bouma.

Episode 35 is Shunsuke's focus with Kirika.  Shunsuke used to defend Kirika from bullies.  At this point, Kirika is overly blinded by hatred which she becomes a bully towards humanity herself as an act of revenge.  Shunsuke was revealed to be a childhood friend of Kirika.

Episode 41 has Seelon's birthday but she gets eaten by the monster of a week.  A very suspenseful episode for me.

Toshiki Inoue : 18-19, 25, 34, 42 (5 eps)

Episode 18 features Inoue's typical love for tragic episodes and one of his more decent episodes. Jarmin releases both Fire and Ice Bouma, both brothers.  Fire Bouma and Ice Bouma have a falling away.  We also learn of Shunsuke's past.  We also learn how much of a cruel bitch Jarmin can be, a writing style Toshiki Inoue seems to love to put into Sentai.  I really felt bad in this episode for the brothers being manipulated by Jarmin

Episode 19 features Haruna supposedly amnesiac.  Youhei is poisoned by Zulten's monster Poison Bouma which could have killed him.  Haruna pretends to be amnesiac, she pretends to serve Ragorn but used it to trick Zulten into giving her the antidote.  A good episode of deceiving your friends first before you deceive your enemies.

Episode 25 features another of Inoue's suspense episodes.  People are locked up in Orbs of Fear, Riki is in a desperate situation and of course Zimba is involved.  The rivalry of Riki with Zimba is once again featured before Zimba will inevitably be written off early.

Episode 34 has the Demon Sword story.  I love the suspense involved with Daichi getting hte Demon Sword.  The Nagare Bouma are after it and so are the Turborangers.

Episode 42 is one of Inoue's bad humor episodes.  Seriously, I wasn't able to take the whole nerd becomes Blue Turbo episode seriously.  At least the nerd managed to do something useful but it gives a glimpse of Inoue's weird humor.

Mami Watanabe: 26, 37, 43 (3 eps)

Episode 26 features more of Jarmin's cruelty.  I would about Mami Watanabe's writing here amazed me in this episode.  Suzunari Bouma is forced to fight or her tribes people would be dead.  Either she was trying to redo Ahames in Jarmin or not  But what I love abut this episode is how Jarmin shows she can be more cruel than her master but remains loyal to him nonetheless.

Episode 37 is nightmare fuel of man eating paintings.  I just love the nightmare fuel here.  So Red and Yellow have to enter into the dimension in white form?  I kinda love the scary thought of the plot happening in the museum.

Episode 43 starts to feature more about Kirika.  I just love how Kirika's inner goodness was explored and how it was brought up.  I felt sorry for Kirika with her being blinded by hate.


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