My Confessions Behind Writing This Blog

It's time for me to be honest and stop pretending what I'm not... so let's just get it over my confessions about blogging.  Being honest can help a lot eventually.  So let's get it started.

During the time I started my blog I was only reading episode synopsis, spoilers and the only Super Sentai series I saw from start to end (with fansubs or dubs) were dubs of Fiveman and Bioman and for those subbed were Maskman and Jetman (by CSCentrl).  Then I started seeing other fan subs namely Boukenger, Dekaranger and then started entering into Shinkenger.  So I was pretending to be a know it all because I wanted instant gratification, which of course landed me on nothing more than well-deserved constructive criticism that I needed to stop pretending what I'm not.  Being a so-called know it all only made me write terrible fan fics (my infamous fic SS vs. PR is now my time machine on WHAT NOT TO DO in my future projects), terrible blog entries. etc.  It takes guts to admit reality that I am just a student that will travel to a never ending journey of learning.

Meanwhile I would admit I was already planning a hate campaign when I started this blog.  I wanted this blog to be an anti-Power Rangers blog, a hate campaign to blow off Power Rangers off the air.  I always had that in mind ever since I discovered the existence of Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger.  However I began to see that Super Sentai's isn't all that original either and two, Saban and Disney had rights to use Super Sentai footage for Power Rangers.  Fortunately by the time I started typing, I was already getting rid of my campaign against Power Rangers... which sadly would just be a waste of time.  And I wanted to campaing to re-air Super Sentai in the Philippines until I realized how awful and stupid those dubs were... sigh.

Back then, I was just THAT clueless idiot who wanted recognition and fame.  Yes, that was a reality I will now confess.  I just wanted to write for fame at the same time, I was a bootlicking idiot that just acted upon impulsiveness and drunken stupor.  It took me some time to realize that I should just be myself and improve as myself, without seeking to be somebody.  So I started writing with a lot of meaningless content, no direction, etc. to the point this blog required.  And I would admit, it takes guts and balls to admit one's mistakes and a coward's way out is to simply give scapegoats and poor excuses for one's mistakes.

As said, learning is a life long journey...


  1. You did this Blog because you love Tokusatsu,Drama and Super Sentai.
    Ever since I stumble onto you blog in 2011, I saved it and never turn away.

    I'm glad that you and Valsag Fantasy exist in this community.

  2. Just a constructive criticism in your blog,Please be more flexible because it's a Super Sentai Blog, you should review the current series such as Kyoryuger and ToQGer even it looks underrated for you. Sometimes being a choosy person in different sentai series really sucks dude ,just to be honest. My underrated Super Sentai series I've ever watched to be honest is Bioman,Flashman,Carranger,Kyoryuger and Boukenger, but I'm still reviewing it because I'm a Tokusatsu blogger. Think about the integrity on your blog dude, not for self satisfaction but for all fans. Just a friendly reminder from your Co-Blogger


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