My Current Impression on ToQGer

For me ToQger is one show that may or may not have a glimmer of hope.  Okay I'll admit that I'm not really enjoying it, I expected more from Utsnonomiya as a producer but, apparently the whole show is what I'll call, "I don't like it but I respect it for the sake of the other fans."  For Yasuko Kobayashi, I really think she really needs a break considering she's burnt out during Gobusters.  On hte other hand, I do have a feeling I might be able to tolerate this show like I did with Kamen Rider Kiva.  On the other hand, I feel like the show may actually fit in a new generation of Sentai fans.  The cast is lively and for one, may actually click with the new audience.

The idea of imagination power of changing colors is fun.  So I started tot hink that the show itself has potential for kids.  Yes kids, they are the primary target for Super Sentai.  But I would admit that Yasuko Kobayashi tends to suck at comedy (she did succeed with Shinkenger) but here, she's probably burnt out and needs a break.  The writing team for me isn't helping either- Shou Aikawa though he wrote Blade, also wrote Boukenger a show I'm starting to get indifferent about.  Akatsuki Yamatoya tends to also write pretty weird episodes as well (ex. Mr. Brown).  I just thought that the show could have been in better hands with Naruhisa Arakawa as either a primary or secondary writer.  I mean the Kobayashi/Arakawa/Takegami team really rocked in Megaranger.  Hopefully Kobayashi will get some decent help.

The team up with Gaim was done better than that of the Shinkenger/Decade crossover.  It shows what a Kamen Rider/Supre Sentai should be in future installments.  I would say that I love the crossover.  So maybe I'm indifferent with ToQGer but it doesn't mean I hate it.  On the other hand, I am starting think Gobusters may be better than this show.

Having a former Shadow Liner as a sixth ranger is a nice concept.  Hopefully they will be able to expand him more.

For ToQGer, maybe I don't like it, maybe I will like it but let's hope it will really create a better impression.  Unlike Kyoryuger with its cast which I find obnoxious or the Gobusters being blank faced, it looks like Sentai will meet a new generation change for the better.  Hopefully newer writers will come to fill fresh blood for the genre.

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  1. That's it dude, be flexible, I'm just saying my feedback on your blog recently to expand and explore more on Current Sentai series. Saying it to you frankly doesn't mean I'm an overly eccentric guy to freak you up. I'm also a reader on your blog and of course your co-blogger. Kyoryuger is underrated series for me in 2010's even the toy merchandise was ok, but I'd prefer Go-Busters for a nice story. Well time goes by, and Toei needs to innovate Super Sentai for better.

    1. Although I'll be honest I may leave it more to the kiddies. After all, Sentai's primary target market is for kids. I just thought Arakawa should be its writer. Kobayashi is not that good with comedy (except Shinkenger and OOO).


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