Why I Don't Hate Go-onger

Okay Go-onger may be in my lower part of the list, I don't really find anything that appealing to it aesthetic-wise or execution-wise, etc. but I just don't hate it.  In fact, while it's silly but I certainly don't consider it a disasterpiece.  So far, I still think this series is still passable even if I don't consider it awesome.

It's nice to have a comedy season for once.  So okay, I know some of you may not agree with me, some of you say Go-onger sucks but I don't find the cast boring compared to Goseiger.  Now don't flame on me, this is more editorial.  Factual-wise, Go-onger is a comedy season which at the same time provides room for some character development.  It sort of makes fun of Super Sentai by actually giving us characters who are pretty silly (even Renn's intelligence doesn't spare him) and it's pretty comical at the same time.  Plus, at least characters get development even for the Patrick Star-type character of Hant gets character development.  I would admit I watch Go-onger whenever I'm not feeling well and need a good laugh over post-movie Spongebob episodes.  A season long of utter nonsense can be fun.  While it's not as great as Akibaranger but... it does cure my depression!

While I hated the Five Puppets in Fiveman but the Go-on Engines did a fine job in here for me.  Maybe it's because Go-onger was intended to be a funny season in the first place.  The Go-on Engines aren't just there to be cute, they are there to also help the Go-ongers develop!

Some may criticize about the villains being campy and not to mention stupid.  In spite of that, the villains aren't evil for evil's sake and two, they do have a better direction than evil for evil's sake villains.  I mean their aim is to further pollute the Earth because it's not polluted enough for them to live in.  I know many of their schemes are half-brained (then again, most Super Sentai villains HARDLY think of any good plan even in the more serious seasons),   The monstesr aren't just sent for no reason, no the villains want to conquer Earth.  At least these villains have a better reason why they pollute the Earth than majority of the villains of Captain Planet and the Planeteers!

I know some people are ready to disagree with me on my stand on Go-onger.  Remember this is just an editorial.  Feel free to comment why you think it sucks too.


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