Why I Think Jasmine from Dekaranger is Popular to Sentai Fans!

So I thought I could talk about Jasmine next.  In my case, I wrote in my celebrities blog about why the actress Ayumi Kinoshita fits well with her role, now I'd like to talk about the character in context. Like Mako, I am a fan of the character Jasmine but I think her popularity is also again, a result of too much credit.  Granted, Jasmine is a better fighter than Mako and she is really, really hot to the point I expected a river of tears when the actress got married.  So let's get started shall we?

Let's take a look at her personality.  Jasmine is pictured to be a calm, collected, cheery individual although she has a disturbed past and even considered suicide.  She was able to use her tragic past to reach out to a boy who hated his being an ESPerer.  Unlike Sakura in Boukenger who is cold (though she defrosted), it's probably easier for just anyone to love Jasmine's character of being cheery and bright.  I mean, when Jasmine's not in the face of danger, she's cheery and bright.  When it comes to danger, she shows a very optimistic attitude most of the time.  Plus, her gorgeous appearance is radiated by that personality of hers.

One may take a look at her as an empowerment to both genders.  For boys, she may be one ideal woman that is pretty, smart and kindhearted.  I even want to assume that little boys were probably empowered by the character to get over their fear of girls.  For little girls, I would assume the character had encouraged them not to tolerate any form of bullying.  In the show, she was shown to be while she respects authority of any kind, she doesn't take bullying from anybody.

However, she may also be in the list of overrated rangers as to being given too much credit or liked for the wrong reasons.


  1. It was a total serendipity to cast Ayumi Kinoshita for the role.
    Her character totally made waves within the Sentai community via the internet.

    Her character was engineered to be a tragic action heroine. She was no bubbly eye candy or a Paris Hilton/Kim Kardashian stiff thank god!

    Still after 10 years the actress and her character is still a popular discussion. Amongst fans and yes a Sentai Sex Symbol as well.

    There isn't much for me to talk about as I have not seen all 50 episodes of Dekaranger.

    Ayumi Kinoshita personal life as what we know is she did went out with Dekabreak and they were a cute and perfect couple!!!
    However she is married to a man who is half her age and is expecting a child last I heard.

    The character of Jasmin could have been done again by AV actress Saori Hara if she was mostly a actress and never did pornagraphy!

    I myself was not a big Jasmine fan or drooling admires as I stemmed away from the crowded bandwagons.

    But no doubt, Jasmine is the one of a kind heroine that is unique and has not been duplicated since!


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