Akibaranger: A Very Unique Sentai Parody!

At first, I would admit I didn't want to watch Akibaranger because of the idea that was going to be a short run comedy or in other words, unofficial Super Sentai.  Now okay, I would admit I did have my guilt trip pleasure with Hiroyo Hakase and I find Maaya Uchida pretty.  Moving on, I would talk about why this entire series is a very unique parody for two seasons.

It's not a series for kids but it's a series for adults who are fans of Super Sentai like myself.  Now I would admit I am NOT an otaku and I'm more or less the occasional fan who would only go to fan events whenever I have the time... I didn't even go to the RK: Kyoto Inferno event because of time.  And I would really say that having 29 year old Nobuo Akagi as a huge fan of Super Sentai at his age, somewhat insecure about it because of his love for Sayaka and finds somebody he can relate to?  Hehehehehehehe!  It's very hard to find someone like them.  I mean, I have stopped talking about Anime and Super Sentai with friends because of my age... and two, it doesn't sound inappropriate for my age.  Well I do have a tenant who collects Super Sentai toys for display but he's more of an occasional fan.  In my case, Super Sentai for me is not exactly my top fandom these days compared to J-Drama, C-Drama and other stuff I've moved on but there's always a place for Super Sentai in my fandom.

Everything's just a delusion or is it?  What makes Akibaranger fun to watch is that it's the power of IMAGINATION!  Yes, imagination and as a person with a hyperactive imagination, I really wish I could imagine it harder.  I mean, I'm a guy with pretty strange dreams.  It does also show that imaginations when out of control can also lead to bad consequences like the liquor episode which is easily my favorite comedy moment.  What made it unique was that the Akibarangers just thought it was just their imaginations until bad news, Malshina came into the real world!

It's a series loaded with nostalgic value and seldom, it brought out facts that adult Super Sentai fans aren't aware of.  I didn't even know the legendary Kazuo Niibori until I watched Akibaranger.  By bringing in some interesting stuff, man I wish Akibaranger didn't last only up to 26 episodes in total.  I want more!

Season Tsuu began some "What If" scenarios that would actually alter reality in itself.  We had Akibaranger taking over Dairanger, we had the Powerful Rangers coming in first before Super Sentai (which resulted to a lot of hilarious consequences), we also had what if there were ten days a week... the what if scenarios were really, really hilarious!

It also parodies some concepts in Toei.  My most noteworthy moment was that of Akibarangers' second season featuring the Powerful Rangers.  Luna's misconception led to one misconception after the other, altering the world and because of the misconception of the term "bootleg", Powerful Rangers came in first and deleted every last pre-Zyuranger Super Sentai from existence and Super Sentai became an illegally made program... until Geki and Burai were restored back to normal.  While it wasn't really an anti-Power Rangers episode (considering that they just wanted to bring Super Sentai back to its place, neither do they condemn it as fake), it's a parody of Power Rangers nonetheless.

Overall, a very unique series that you must watch!


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