Sentai Speculation: Dairanger's Greatest Mystery - Of Gorma and Clay Humans!

Dairanger itself is a very interesting series but has one plot that leaves us much to our imaginations that was the Gorma.  So the Gorma, we understand their motives behind taking over the world and all. But one plot that practically was a mystery or at least, left us to our imagination is the concept of the Gorma made of clay.  And I'd like to address it in detail.

One of the most open-ended and somewhat confusing plots is Gara herself.  So we have the backstory of Gara and Kujaku.  It was nice watching the character development of Kujaku, her eventual death (expected and predictable) but in spite of predictability that Kujaku and Daigo will never be together, we learn of Gara.  Gara was once the friend of Kujaku and that there was a grudge between them but later, we learn that the Gara that serves the Gorma is NOT the real Gara.  So how did that happen?  I personally want to speculate on that.  My only speculation on that, was that Gara's clay puppet version was Gara's hatred personified.  Heck, in fiction, there are times a single person can become two persons when his evil self manifests a physical form (think Picollo I and Kami in Dragon Ball Z) and I think Gara of the Gorma is THAT kind of character, she shares the same soul with the real Gara.  Kujaku during her return, revealing that she has reconciled with the real Gara, revealed Shadam had his grand conspiracy to take over Gorma. Why did the real Gara only manifest later?  Perhaps, the real Gara's dominant personality emerged only later, and willing to show that she had forgiven Kujaku, destroyed her clay puppet who could be nothing more than the manifestation of her bitterness and unforgiveness and had to be destroyed so she can be whole again.  I mean if Gara here wasn't even connected to the real Gara, the clay Gara had all the memories of the real Gara, somewhat hinting that they might have been one person split into two.  I also thought she had every right to be terrified to why Zydos was just made of clay.

Gorma XV is another.  It was later revealed by Tenpou that Gorma XV was a fake.  He was a cruel yet senile individual who Shadam manipulated.  So okay he was giving orders to Shadam, while he was unaware that Shadam, like Radiguet, had no intention of serving him but to betray him.  Shadam unlike Radiguet calculated his scheme properly to get rid of Gorma XV.  He had the memories as an emperor.  I don't know really the rules of writing human clones in fiction, they vary from continuity to continuity.  Some of them will possess the original copy's memories (ex. Stryfe in X-Men, Madelyne Pryor had some of Jean Grey's memories while Ben Reilly didn't have memories of Peter Parker) but others won't.  So why does this supposedly mud copy of an emperor have the memories as if he were the real emperor?  Again, there's also the possibility of spirit transfer.  Shadam may have learned to cheat death... he may have even transferred the emperor's soul into a clay body since the real body was no longer available.

Not to mention the complete monster Shadam whose sadism parallels that of Radiguet.  So it was revealed that Shadam made the clay puppets after the fake Gara (who I believe was a manifestation of the real Gara's hatred and had to be destroyed before the real Gara can be truly at peace).  So Shadam recreated Gorma XV from clay, he recreated Zydos from clay which he presumably used spirit transfer.  So Shadam acts with memories of his past and yet in the end, he was also made from clay.  I just had my thought, it wasn't really explained why Shadam was just clay.  After Ryou defeated him in a knifing duel, Shadam spat out clay mud instead of blood (I wish he spat out blood instead) and wondered why he was a clay puppet.  Again, it was never addressed.  The Dairangers were expecting the Gorma not to be defeated because the Shadam that was defeated was made of clay.  Yet the supposed real Shadam did not show up after that.  Why was that?  Looking at the possibilities, again you can't discount spirit transfer in a world of mysticism.  Shadam may have learned to manipulate souls and transferred his soul into a clay body to cheat death, but in his madness, forgot that he was no longer in his original body.

These are just my wild mass guesses on what could be the real Gorma issue.  Again, it's nice when Super Sentai authors will leave us to speculate what really happened.


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