Earlier Super Sentai Teams and Huge Transportation Fortress Mechas

Super Sentai had their transportation mecha.  During Goranger and JAKQ they held some other form of transportation.  Later on, during the giant robot era, they held the giant robot or the vehicles that formed the giant robot.

These are:

Goranger had the Varibloom (right) which blew up in episode 42 and the Varidreen (right) as the replacement.  The Varidreen stored the Varitank in itself.

The JAKQ team had the Sky Ace with stored the Jack Tank.

Battle Fever J's Battle Shark launched the Battle Fever Robo into battle.

The Denzi Tiger launches the Denzi Fighter.  Denzi Fighter becomes Daidenzin.

Sun Vulcan's Jaguar Vulcan launches the components to form the Sun Vulcan Robo.

Goggle Caesar stored the components of Goggle Robo.  It was driven by Goggle Black and Goggle Pink who didn't pilot the Goggle Robo with Goggle Red, Goggle Blue and Goggle Yellow.  It fired missiles from its "mouth".

The Dyna Jupiter carried the components of the Dyna Robo.

Bio Dragon formed a runway for the Bio Jet 1 and Bio Jet 2 to be launched.  Peebo brought it with him 500 years before the events of Bioman.  It also has an emergency magnet as shown in Bioman episode 10.  It fired laser beams from the top.

The Shuttlebase carried the vehicles that form into Change Robo.  It has a very shuttle-like shape hence its name.

The Star Condor brought the vehicles that form the Flash King.

Maskman's Turboranger transported both the components of Great Five and Galaxy Robo.  Ironically, the name Turboranger was used for an actual Sentai team , two years later.  The name kinda serves it right due to its car-like shape.  It fired missiles from its sides.

Liveman's Machine Buffalo carried Live Robo's components and later Live Boxer's components.  This was the last flying fortress for the Soda era.  Turboranger and Fiveman didn't have a transportation fortress.  The other shows that succeeded it also didn't have them.

Carranger had the Victory Trailer which stored the vehicles for the VRV Robo.  Turboranger got rid of the transportation mecha.  Carranger brought it back storing the secondary combining robot.

The Ginga Bitus was the carrier mecha for both the Ginga Rhinos and Ginga Phoenix.

Abaranger had Bakuryu Brachiosaurus.  He stores the Bakuryus inside him and is a sentient fortress.


  1. I have a BIO Dragon and Bio Robot toy long ago


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