Episode Writers' Analysis Part 15: Engine Sentai Go-onger

Engine Sentai Go-onger is a hit or miss series.  Okay I may belong to the few who actually like the series but take note, I don't love it.  I just like it in the sense, I don't hate it but I don't consider it an awesome series.  However I would rather watch it over ToQGer, Kyoryuger, Gobusters and Goseiger.  Moving on to its episode writer analysis:

Junki Takegami (main writer): 1-6, 9-10, 15-18, 21-22, 27-28, 32-34, 38, 42-43, 47, 49-50 (25 eps)

Junki Takegami was the head writer of Megaranger and Gogo V, here he is trying to do comedy.  Well I would share my opinion that I still think Go-onger is a decent series overall but just doesn't get into my list of loves, only likes.

Grand Prix 1-3 is basically an introduction arc.  We start with the three Go-ongers namely Sosuke, Saki and Hant.  On the other hand, we have Hant who is the "Patrick Star" of the series and with Gunpei, well they do something pretty much anti-heroic since they steal something.  So yeah, some heroes in real life didn't have a good start.  At least they did manage to redeem themselves and learn it's not easy being a hero for the three parter.

Grand Prix 4 has it's title right with engine trouble.  This episode has Hant and Gunpei await for their engines which show up in this episode.  At this point, the two engines don't combine yet with Engine-Oh but it does some hilarious attacks.  We also see Kegalaisha's an idiot who turns red while she treats Spray Banki like her own child.  This is the episode when Gunpherd and Birca are introduced.

Grand Prix 5 has some important lessons.  So okay, I just couldn't agree on how both Gunpei and Hant got into the team but not every hero today had a good start.  Renn here shows his cooking skills aside from his scientific skills.  We also learn Hant is some sort of pervert but fortunately not that much.  The episode also focuses on Hant's decisions- girls or his team.  This episode has Birca merge with Engine-Oh the first time.

Grand Prix 6 is some development on Saki.  It also has the issues of Sosuke's delusions which makes the team nearly lose Saki.  Well, I do find Saki an airhead and Sosuke to be a a Spongebob-type idiot. They all think Saki wants to get married but she just wanted to fix her hair (she was looking at the shop window with a wedding dress).  The Speaker Banki plot felt like a rehash of the Jetman episode in a way.  So it's all that they think Saki was in love with Seiji (the flutist) but he just wanted to thank her.

Grand Prix 9 has a focus and (possible) shiptease between Hant and Saki though it's only fanon.  In this episode,  Well we do have Lens Banki here as another camera-inspired monster.  Saki and Hant both end up in Junk World.  The plan of this episode was to turn humans into Bankis, quite a common plot really to seek to turn humans into foot soldiers.  It was already done in Maskman, Dynaman (learned it only through the Dynaman parody dub) and later in Goseiger.  I would say Saki is pretty airheaded.

Grand Prix 10 has the Gaiarc use information from Lens Bankin.  They send Kagami Bankin against the Go-ongers.  We also discover Saki's a numbskull with making breakfast too sweet, which is stupid actually.  In this episode, the Engine Oh-G6 is formed to defeat Kagami Bankin.  This episode also shows Go-onger was pretty much about toys.

Grand Prix 15-18 has the Go-ongers introduced.  It also features the new Gaiarc officer named Hiramichemedes who is an aerial officer.  The first episode features Triptor and Jetras.  The second episode features the Go-on Wings as stuck up snobs.  The four episode arc kind of made me wanted to knock down the Suto siblings for being such stuck up snobs.  It just made me think that Sosuke was Spongebob and Hiruto was Squidward in this scenario.

Grand Prix 21 is sort of like a rehash of Bioman's balloon episode.  It does also some kind of genius since balloons generally look harmless.  The monster Fuusen Banki gives balloons which causes air pollution while he does have the ability to inflate people.  It also features how the Go-on Wings were selected in the first place.  We also see a bit of cruelty from Yogostein when he kicks Hirarchimedes at the end of the episode.  I just thought that using kids in this episode was despicable for the Gaiarc.

Grand Prix 22 is features Hirarchimedes' falling away from Gaiarc's approval.  It also shows that Yogostein has a serious side and cruel side too.  Hirarchimedes' trickery here works as the Seikuu-oh gets struck by lightning,  Boseki Banki is the only female monster of the Gaiarc but really deadly.  This episode kind of feels like Spongebob feeling sorry for Plankton while Squidward notices something suspicious.  Hiruto has his springboard too and he also realizes how the Go-ongers and Go-on Wings need each other.  Engine-Oh G9 is formed in this episode but really, the mecha designs are usually just so stupid!

Grand Prix 27 has Junk World introduced again with a weird episode along with it.  Hant becomes a "substitute granddaughter" to a poor old lady who lost her real one off-screen. Later we learn that Osen was from Junk World and she has no granddaughter.  I do find this episode some development for Hant, preventing him from decaying into further stupidity.  I also thought Kitadaienes despite being comedic, at least she knows how to do something right for a wacky villain!

Grand Prix 28 focuses on Gunpei's past with his detective partner.  I do love the comic humor where the Go-ongers are mistakenly arrested but are later released.  Kitadaines has planned to use people who can spin pens to run her machine of destruction.  Manhole Banki was another back to wacky monsters.  I just find it funny how Gunpei turns out be just a regular officer.  This was of course a lesson in lying.  Kind of consistent with how Hant and Gunpei become Go-ongers, at least he also gets punished for what he did!

Grand Prix 32-33 features the Ancient Engines arc.  So it does have the legend of the ancient engines which the first part, which features a father and his two children.  The second part features the Go-on Ancient Engines.  I just thought it's funny how Sosuke can tame them being "primitive himself".  Hehehehe, Spongebob would be able to tame them too!
Grand Prix 34 for me is just NOT FUNNY.  It features Saki's older sister who is so damn annoying I'd probably tolerate her if she were really a villain, not a regular nuisance.  Plus I wanted to kill Saki's older sister one way or another.  The Heater Banki plot was funny but Saki's older sister practically ruins the fun in this episode. =(

Grand Prix 38 is another Saki/Miu episode.  Shower Banki has caused the men tobecome stiff, turning them into manikins.  Bear RV uses Go-on Roader for a G3 Princess trio.  I thought this episode was kind of stupid but entertaining.  Saki and Miu manage to put aside their differences to save the day.  It was funny but not all that special either.

Grand Prix 42 has Miu on focus.  Kegaleisha has infiltrated a school to which she meets a geek named Newton.  Newton tries to play with magic (dangerous) so did he meet the Magirangers?  I thought this episode was funny especially Newton developed a crush on Miu.  I thought this was one hilarious episode.  Is Newton a tribute to Harry Potter?  Maybe!

Grand Prix 43 is the first half of the Christmas Special.  It does a good job introducing the non-existent Santa Claus into the non-existent world of Super Sentai.  I just thought that the way Santa Claus and the Go-ongers interacted was fun.  Unlike most Santa Claus appearances in Tokusatsu, I'm glad he's very involved here.  The Cleaning Minster arrives and he will be in for two episodes.

Grand Prix 47 involves the arrival of Yogoschrimaten the final villain.  I thought this was another of my issues as while I watch Go-onger to LMAO, this guy is suddenly all too scary!  Oh well, but this is where the finale will get itself.  It gets intense as Yogoschrimaten proves he's to be feared.  He also brings Chirakosone the Prime Minister.  In this episode, Hant and Gunpei are defeated.

Grand Prix 49-50 is the finale.  Now I would really say that this finale should have been copied into Power Rangers RPM.  Yogoschrimaten betrays both Kita and Kega which I felt sorry for these two (for once) and the Go-ongers are just left to three.  The Gaiarc launches an attack that could be Armageddon (seriously Kobayashi, you could have DONE THIS in Gobusters) and the heroes are reunited.  The heroes all return to finish off Yogoshrimaten who seems to keep regenerating.  But by doing their desperate firebird attack, the evil that was the big bad is destroyed.  It's funny though how this finale has everyone living like back to normal (which gives RPM's ending a little more sense) even after the Apocalyptic finale.  Meanwhile this open towards the crossover of Shinkenger vs. Go-onger.  Just a note, Boukenger's ending linked towards Gekiranger vs. Boukenger suggesting that Boukenger and Gekiranger belong to the same continuity (or not).

Sho Aikawa : 7-8, 14, 25-26, 29-30, 39-40 (9 eps)

Grand Prix 7-8 has Carry Gator introduced in this episode.  In this episode the other Go-on Engines namely Speedor, BearV and Bus-on were rusted.  This leaves Hant and Gunpei to save the day.  Carry Gator merges with Birca and Gunpherd to defeat Rust Banki.  The next episode features the desire for a miracle.  So it does look hopeless and even Saki's tear couldn't break that curse (stupid Sosuke).  I really thought that their attachment to their Go-on Engines was really shown when the miracle happened.  Grand Prix 8 also features Boring Banki.

Grand Prix 14 is somewhat a Pleasure Island episode with Hant on focus.  Hant goes to the mountains where is trained for three days.  Meanwhile, Kegaleisha disguises herself as some cute girl that Hant has a crush on, unaware of her true identity.  The monster Kaman Banki is sent to heat people up, making them feel relaxed inside him while in reality, it is slowly killing them.  It's sort of a lesson on how laziness can slowly kill people.

Grand Prix 25 has a bit of Renn's past.  So it does feature Renn and his praying to some statue, who is actually a Gaiarc known as the Pollution Knight.  Since Earth wasn't as polluted as it was yet, the Pollution Knight turned to stone.  A bit of balance here, Renn's mom died of illness as a child.  Renn must learn to let go of his past and this what he does in here.

Grand Prix 26 is where Miu starts to warm up to Saki.  I thought this was also pretty funny how BearRV could fall for Prince of the Gaiarc.  Now for some silly episode, this is utterly silly.  At this point, BearRV shows that she is just as air-headed as Saki.  I do like how Miu and Saki manage to team up to defeat the terrible Prince.

Grand Prix 29 features Hiroto with a dangerous experiment and at the same time, Yogostein creates Hammer Banki.  This experiment involves the Go-on Roader which is pretty dangerous.  This shows Hiruto's stubborn side and caring side at the same time.  Also Renn and Bowhale were revealed to have created the Token Soul.  Hiruto also knows more that the Go-ongers aren't pushovers as the thinsk them to be.

Grand Prix 39-40 is the Samurai World Arc.  Two children from Samurai World are in Human World, seeking to return to it.  I would say though this was one of the forgettable episodes but  a possible hint to Samurai Sentai Shinkenger.  It does link bank to the movie which I didn't really find memorable either.  Aikawa is pretty much hit or miss.

Kenji Konuta : 11, 23-24, 37, 44, 48 (6 eps)

Grand Prix 11 is sort of a wacky clip show featuring Antenna Banki. The episode is also a stern warning of accepting stuff too good to be true.  In here, the Go-ongers are trapped in their fantasies like Sosuke in a higher level of racing, Hant becomes rich (or so he thinks) and Renn is at a game show.  Gunpei shows he's probably the only other sensible Go-onger around.  Well Renn is a genius but can lack common sense.  I just love how this episode taught that valuable lesson of being careful of offers to its audience.

Grand Prix 23 focuses on the fall of Hirarchimedes.  This episode features some development for the still unfriendly Go-on Wings and Go-ongers.  This features some more areas which I think, are the Go-on Wings slow with character development?  I do wish that the episode had the Go-on Wings finish Hirarchimedes and not Go-on Red.  Oh well...

Grand Prix 24 has the Ghost World featured in Go-onger.  So Hirarchimedes becomes a ghost and has joined forces with a demon named Bakki.  I kind of love the wackiness in this episode.  This also features some things about Saki's past and how she developed the "smile smile" mantra, at least to spare the series from becoming a Looney Tune.  I do like the salt part which adds wackiness to this episode on how Bakki was defeated and for Hirarchimedes, defeated for good.

Grand Prix 30 is a Bear RV narrated episode.  Sort of a shout out to the Zyuranger episode when Dan and Mei became bad, in this episode Sosuke and Renn become bad (hehehe Billy from MMPR will probably hate this episode).  I find the plot of this episode stupid as Straw Bankin uses straws that make people release pollution.  Hmmm has Toei decided to stop putting heroes who smoke like Gai Yuki and decided to make this a PSA against smoking?  At the same time, I do love the humor involved when Sosuke and Renn become villains.  The temporary strain between

Grand Prix 37 is a transitional episode.  The villains have lost Yogostein and honestly, I wish he died during the finale arc.  I do find the whole funeral service at least honorable for Gaiarcs.  Engine Banki is a new monster made from a truck, releasing dangerous fumes.  It also involves Renn modifying their weapons to work together with the Ancient Engines.  Not that good IMO.

Grand Prix 44 concludes the Christmas Arc though the Christmas World doesn't show up until later.  It does contain a much bigger fight before Christmas.  Santa Claus must find his magical bag which Hiruto and Hant help him. Another is where the Go-ongers save some kids from a school shooting.  The action here defeats the Cleaning Minister.  For one, we can see how Santa Claus' story has gone to a huge sift.  Rather than ride a sleigh, the Go-ongers help him at the end of the episode.

Grand Prix 48 has the final battle getting intense, better than Judd Lynn's hurriedly written finales.  Here we have Sosuke and Hiruto being closer as well as Saki being reminded of her mantra by Miu.  In this episode, Hiruto and Miu disappear as if they are dead.  But don't worry... yeah it's predictable but I love how the action is getting intense!

Junichi Miyashita : 12, 19, 35-36, 41 (5 eps)

Grand Prix 12 has Sosuke's body being swapped by that of Hatsuden Banki.  I felt this was a parody of the episode where Hoji's body got switched by an Alienizer.  It's pretty classic infiltration trick.  Yogostein sought to destroy Sosuke while he was in the wrong body.  What I love about this episode is how the Sosuke's soul becomes a chip to help him win in this episode.

Grand Prix 19 has Nogokori Banki is created against the Go-ongers.  This episode is narrated by Birca.  I felt this episode was kind of silly considering Hant also dresses up as the clown he is... and that reminds me of Patrick Star from Spongebob.  Gunpei in this episode wants to be number one by Hant's wish.

Grand Prix 35-36 is another important two parter.  Here the engines form Engine G-12 but it also poses a threat on Sosuke.  It also wraps up but IMO too early, the rivalry of Yogostein and Sosuke.  Sosuke was turned into bronze at the first half.  The second half has the Go-ongers against Yogostein but without Sosuke.  Fortunately Speedor shows some skill even without his partner.  After Yogostein is defeated giant form, Sosuke comes in to finish things up.  Go-on Red and Yogostein fight, which results to the death of the latter.  Sosuke was revived thanks to the fighting spirits of everyone.  IMO this was too hurriedly written but enjoyable in a way.

Grand Prix 41 has an episode where Hiroto and Renn become "parents" to an alien creature.  Think of it like the time Spongebob and Patrick raised an oyster.  To be honest, I wish this episode had Sosuke and Hant instead taking care of the creature.  Hiruto and Renn did a funny job in this episode.

Naruhisa Arakawa : 13, 20 (with Junko Komura), 31 (3 eps)

Grand Prix 13 features Shun Sugata returning as the father of the alien girl.  I do find this episode funny as well.  In this episode, Renn tries to reconcile both father and daughter to each other.  Meanwhile, Hikigani Banki is one Gaiarc monster that shoots water.  I love how this episode has Renn relate to the girl who ran away.  It also features an episode of important mutual understanding between parents and children.

Grand Prix 20 is where Nogoriki Banki is reborn as Chainsaw Banki. At the same time, Hiruto and Miu are shown to have some form of sibling rivalry.  We also see some development why Hiruto is some kind of narcissist.  He has the body, he has the talent but he did give up on fame to become a hero.  I just love how Hiruto isn't a playboy.  Jumbo Whale arrives in this episode, combines with
Triptor and Jetras, forming the Seikuu-oh saving te day.  We also see how the siblings manage to share some closeness too.

Grand Prix 31 has the monster Rombiako enter.  Granted that Arakawa also wrote Jetman's "disaster episode" of Dryer Jigen, I am not surprised this appears.  The monster Rombiako is from Sound World and it feeds on sound.  I also love the song Hiruto plays in this episode, he really has talent compared to Squidward Tentatcles!  I love how this episode forces Kegaleisha to team up with Saki and Miu to form the G3 Princesses, which saves the day.  However Kegaleisha goes back to her foolish ways as a Gaiarc.

Miyako Hatano: 45 (1 ep)

Grand Prix 45 is just your average New Year's Clip Show.  To be honest, I tend to dislike most clip shows.  This episode was more of a comic stupidity with Kegaleisha in here and a mischievous spirit that nearly breaks their teamwork. =P

Satoko Yoshimoto : 46 (1 ep)

Grand Prix 46 has Bomper running away.  This was because of a misunderstanding when the Go-onges rpoint out the failure of the robot Bomper.  Renn is right they overly rely on him. Later they realize they take him for granted during their fight with Dumbbell Banki.  I just love how this had some reconciliation involved.


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