Four Reasons Why I Prefer to Watch Go-onger Over Gobusters

Here's my reason why I prefer Go-onger over Gobusters... and I would like to compare two shows that had mixed reception and two shows I have finished from start to end.  I would like to express why while I am really putting Gobusters at the bottom, I could still like Go-onger even if it's never going to be entering into the list of awesome for me.  The comparison here is also done because of a rather forced comparison between RPM and Gobusters, at the same time I would watch Go-onger over those two shows that I just mentioned.

Characterization of Rangers

I would say that the Go-ongers are a team of mostly silly people but hey, they're not boring at all for me and neither do I find most of them obnoxious though I do have my face palm moments with these guys.  I would really, really credit the fact that there is some interesting development.  Hant is dumb, yes but I love how he chose his comrades over his initial stupidity of getting a job to get near girls and was able to help Miu find Santa Claus' magic sack.  Sosuke may be stupid but he's able to lead the team.  Hiruto may have entered and got on my nerves at first, but he did get better overtime.  I would even think even Hant who is idiotic still has character development.  One of the best examples of character development for Go-onger is where both sides the Go-on Wings and the Go-ongers learn to put their differences aside. I would admit stupidity does get annoying but these people weren't the annoying type of stupid.

On the other hand, Gobusters for me has very stiff, boring characters for me.  And one of my worst complains is HIROMU.  Yes him.  And I don't know which is worse... Masato Kusaka in Faiz not getting any better or Hiromu's never resolved fear of chickens.  Jin Masato enters but I felt like he really didn't do much either.  The picture above can describe how stiff and boring they are.  

The villains

So one may say that Go-onger's villains are idiotic and stupid.  Yes, I would admit that is very true... the villains there are half-brained or less than half-brained.  I just can't get over how stupid most of them are.  Yet majority of the Gaiarc imo don't bore me at all.  Even if they are all but a bunch of idiots, they usualy come out with really colorful and if not, unique schemes.  No matter how stupid Gaiarc's schemes are nor how silly episodes are, they really show distinct personalities one from another.  They have a reason why they attack the Earth with their otherwise moronic schemes.  I mean, they send their pollution-based monsters to pollute the Earth so they can migrate there.

The problem with Gobusters' villains is this- flat and boring most of the time.  Escape hardly did anything to liven up the show even if she is a real threat.  My problem was also how Enter really is a troll but slow paced as a villain.  The lack of villains can also be another, then again Battle Fever J only had Hedder and Salome.  I haven't seen Battle Fever J to make a judgment on that issue.  But for me, the show not only lacks villains but these villains are executed in the wrong way!  And I also felt that Messiah was underutilized as the supposedly hard to defeat virus.  Plus, Enter's ambition to become human is HARDLY a good reason why he should rampage!  And Messiah is one underutilized version that I couldn't appreciate at all... he was just screaming, giving orders and being boring.


I know it's got your idiotic characters but I found Go-onger's humor entertaining as I'm reminded of watching Nicktoons with all the cartoony humor it has.  For example, I do find that episode where Hant fell for Kegaleisha who was disguising as a human that time.  Another of my favorite moments is when Sosuke had his cold and Hant tries to help him to no avail (think Patrick helping Spongebob).  I also laughed my head off during that episode when people were turned into balloons or   I could add all the cartoony humor Go-onger has.  The colorful personality of the Gaiarc's idiocy and the Go-ongers being mostly a team of morons imo adds the charm of the show.  It's loaded with cartoony humor that keeps me awake most of the time.

I wonder who is really the worse comedian between Inoue and Kobayashi granted I did like Kiva and OOO but disliked Faiz and am mixed towards Ryuki (though it was Inoue who made Megumi useless).  I would admit that the humor in Gobusters is pretty forced, forced and FORCED.  Hiromu's chicken scare is really overly played.  And I mean, why hasn't he even overcome it?  Even with that explanation, the humor itself is forced, very forced.  Seldom, the Buddyroids can become the source of forced humor.  Gobusters tries to insert its own humor but it's done in a bad way like how Faiz inserts its occasional humor.  Gobusters' utterly depressing side injected with bad humor definitely makes the show rather unbearable for me.


Go-onger despite its goofy nature for me has better storytelling though it's not awesome.  While I would admit that most of the episodes are downright ridiculous, if not even really stupid but... I would still find it entertaining.  It's just like why I would watch Kamen Rider Kiva over Kamen Rider Faiz.  Go-onger in spite of being a show full of slapstick, has plot advancement.  One may consider how the villains actually carry out the usual stupid scheme of the week with various creative zany plans.  I mean, no matter how stupid Go-onger's story-telling is, I am still entertained by its pacing.  What some may find as bad comedy, I actually do enjoy it to a certain extent.  My problem with Go-onger's storytelling is seldom, it rocks in between serious and comedy too fast.  For a shadow that I would dare consider as ridiculous, it does write its interactions better imo.

What about Gobusters?  To be honest, I had high hopes for it but what goes wrong is the storytelling as well.  One can look at how the storytelling goes.  One good example of STALENESS is the overly done focus on stealing Enetron and distracting the Gobusters is too often done in circles.  While Boukenger did get a different Precious each week (though I'm now liking it less, note I'm just liking it less, NOT HATING IT)... this one is all too focused on Enetron stealing.  After Enetron, we do have the Messiah Cards arc but I don't think it was all that interesting either as it runs in circles... AGAIN.  And to be honest, the whole storytelling is spinning around in circles, YES CIRCLES.  The Enetron stealing is just as bad if not worse than Faiz's pass around the Rider Belts!  Just to think this show came from Yasuko Kobayashi who wrote Shinkenger an interesting series, this series is dull, dull and dull.  I had no major complaints about Kamen Rider OOO though, which for me is a series that I like but can't really love.

For reasons why I don't hate Go-onger, you may read here.


  1. Honestly, both these shows got stale and boring for me real quick!! I my eyes, both aren't that good, though I did like the Go-on Wings more than Beet J and Jin

    1. Go-onger was a mess but its wackiness kept me watching it.


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