My Thoughts on the Hilarious Dynaman Parody Dub

The Dynaman Parody Dub is no doubt, utterly stupid but entertaining.  It was a six episode dub of the original Dynaman series, which took selected episodes and modified the whole story for the sake of being a parody.  Now here's what has changed:

First the Dynamen.  Dr. Kyutaro (Dr. Ho) gathers the Dynamen who are five good-looking Japanese from all walks of life.  Stupid reason to choose them... which unless he knew of their capabilities but what do you expect from a parody?  The names are changed to Wooshi (Red), Huba (Black), Franky (Blue), Cowboy (Yellow) and Slojin (Pink, though she hates pink).  I thought even how they were selected was funny.  And the show is full of exaggerated humor like Dr. Ho's saying he has tried a new bullet train that goes from Hong Kong to Tokyo, but it was a tiny train... hehehehehe!!!

The enemies are radically changed into people who just do evil antics.  Emperor Aton is now Bernie Tanaka and General Kar is Mel Fujitsu.  Both Bernie Tanaka and Mel Fujitsu used to be friends of Dr. Ho but one day, they were disfigured by a laboratory accident. They stole the Gene-Splicing Machine which they use to create monsters, and their wish is to create bad videos as part of their antics.  It's all about production and evil antics.  Bernie Tanaka is also served by his son Nigel Cochran (Prince Megiddo) and his niece Lucy (Princess Chimera).  I just thought that a Sentai villain team that's only after making stupid videos would be funny for a parody season.

The episodes and how they were:

Episode 1 is Cy Steinberg and the very first episode that Nigel Cockran loses his tail.  The Dynamen deal with the fact that the Jashinka are trying to make their baaaaad videos.

Episode 2 is Rhinoman.  Again it's a chock full of nonsense in the dub.  Nigel Cockran's tail regrows for no reason but again, he loses it AGAIN to Dyna Red.

Episode 3 has Lucy arrive and she brings Flipper, the new Dolphin to cause trouble.  This episode features Lucy having a half-sister who is a Mermaid.  Franky falls for the mermaid.  I kind of thought that how in the world did Lucy have a half-sister who is a mermaid?! XD

Episode 4 is the rather stupid plot to make slave labor.  Mel Fujitsu plans to turn people into Reptiles That Go Wee so they can make them work as extras without pay.

Episode 5 has Lucy's plan of revenge against her schoolmates on their weddings.  In this episode, she plans to make her schoolmates marry a big ugly frog named Lucky Pierre.  It was because they all called her "Little Miss Muffin Tail".  Well Slojin manages to take the place of one of Lucy's schoolmates and saves the day.  Well the bad dubbing made an otherwise ridiculous plot even funnier.

Episode 6 is the final episode.  Huba supposedly has relatives outer space in this dub.  Also, he gets a power plant on his birthday.  Mel Fujitsu only got some stupid squid, which Nigel Cochran uses to wreck Huba's birthday party.

Overall, a pretty funny short-lived dub!


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