Ranting on Non-Zyuranger Suits in Power Rangers Super Megaforce

Power Rangers Super Megaforce had done something imo wasn't really called for which was using non-Zyuranger suits. While a Sentai purist may rant it's desecration, for me it's not desecration but just plain laziness. I mean, Saban Brands has the resources to film their own footage.  Consider the fact that for some time under Saban and even under Disney, Power Rangers has had its own original fight scenes. Even MMPR can be remembered for having original fight scenes which they filmed themselves.  For a similar entry, you may also check out this entry.

For me, there is a thin line between Super Sentai and Power Rangers, even for a person who loves/likes both shows. So I do remember that Zordon said there were rangers on other planets BUT come on, most MMPR fans had grown up. I'm already 29 and I'll be going 30 next year and my fellow MMPR viewers are already all grown up, either forgetting about it or two, still remembering it. Which of course, it's really just lazy to add in the non-Zyuranger suits into Power Rangers. For me, it's because it can create a whole lot of confusion.  The use of the suits may confuse the younger viewers, remember Power Rangers is mainly for kids.

Plus be reminded that Power Rangers was created for America.  Most Americans may be out of the blue when it comes to Super Sentai, or should I say pre-Zyuranger Sentai. Or again, these are kids. Maybe an American kid today would have heard of Samurai Sentai Shinkenger BUT he may be virtually clueless about MMPR or any show before MMPR. Age gaps and generations may create or not create familiarity.  I mean, when I was eight I even thought Bioman was the first Super Sentai and I only heard of Goranger after I researched about it. My parents only knew of Goranger as Star Rangers back then! At this point, how many percent of Power Rangers fans really know much of pre-Zyuranger Sentai anyway?  Maybe some Power Rangers fans who already know of them would argue it's lazy fanservice!

One may argue it's a good way to introduce them but for me, it's just creating confusion based on my reasons above. If Saban Brands wants to introduce pre-Zyuranger Super Sentai, there are many other ways to do it.  They could do a video presentation on the history of Super Sentai or a magazine publication that will at least familiarize people with Super Sentai. I mean, Power Rangers as a show only acknowledges its Super Sentai counterparts used, not anything that was never used for Power Rangers. Do you find Power Rangers Lost Galaxy ever crediting Flashman or Changeman in its credits? No! Even if Astronema and Shiima share a similar situation of being brainwashed and crazy, you never get Changeman credited as part of Power Rangers in Space because those shows were not used for Power Rangers!

At this point, Saban Brands really needs to reevaluate its actions whether or not they are being lazy in how they currently handle Power Rangers to save the franchise. Hopefully they will be able to get things straight with Dino Charge, assuming Judd Lynn hasn't burned out beyond belief.


  1. This is why, now as n adult, I spit on Saban Brands and Power Rangers (alittle extreme, yes but I'm in a flow just go with it lol)!!
    We all the the reasons MMPR was a 3 season story arc with the same suits, only the changing of rangers, zords, and villains. Since then I knew Sabans Brands were cowardice, lazy, excuse making, idiots who still think that kids only care that its Power Rangers and will be blinded by the explosions, fight scenes, and the typical one liners. That would normally, except that alot of PR fans are adults who grew up watching the series since its inception
    20 yrs. later Saban Brands gives the fans a anniversary season promising the same nostalgia as the 90s-early 00's, with appearances by some of the series popular rangers, instead we get Super Megaforce

    Kaizoku Sentai Gokiager is, not only my fav sentai ever, its my fav series of all time!!!!! When I heard that it was being adapte, I knew it was a disaster waiting to happen!! As the series began, it was exactly what I thought!!!! Before I even begin with the inclusion sentai that US viewers dont even know, I'll begin with the first infraction: making the Gokaiger suits an upgrade to the goseiger suits, instead of the main suit
    Early on in SMF, the rangers would morph in to goseiger(megaforce as its known in US) then after getting beat up would say, lets go super mega?!?!?!?!? Seriously?!?!? Like its not that hard of a concept to just discard the megaforce suits and use the Gokaiger, but I forget I'm dealing with Saban, they lack common sense. Second infracton is using japanese footage, but changing
    In episode 9 of Gokaiger, the pirates visit Animarium and encounter Bauza and they fight, durin the fight they become Turboranger to match Bauza speed, GaoLion appears and subsequently knocks them all off the island. The Gokaigers turn into Jetman to fly in the air. Now when SMF does this epsode, they couldn't even get the simplest thing right, instead of turning into the Turboranger, they instead turn into Wild Force?!?! Now it seems mind numbingly stupid for GaoLion to knock off intruders if their PR Wild Force, wouldn't he recognize them and instead attack the ones he doesn't recognize? Now with Saban, thats would be smart or even reasonable to do. This would've been the perfect time to use PR Turbo, cause the turbo rangers were able to move fast when morphed, but anyway I digress. As the SMF rangers fall off the island, now they didnt have o turn into Jetman(this series loves using teams PR never used), they could've used PR In Space, called on their mega gliders, and glided down to the ground, but NO!!!

    I know this is long but I will conclude on this, Saban Brands is be really hypocritical!! They use japanese footage, will change it in certain spots at their own discretion, but then leave in the footage of Flashman, Dairanger, Maskman, etc. without an explanation. It's ridiculous, but whats worse are looking at forums where PR fans actually excuse or even justify this utter disregard for proper story telling, by saying either "its for kids"(which is a lie since its an anniversary season) or "I'm glad its not an exact adaptation, cause then it wouldn't be original(which makes since because it's using the same japanese footage from Gokaiger, hence why you see teams you've never seen before)

    Sorry the long post and I completely understand if you dont publish it. I just used your post as a way to vent some of my frustrations with this lame franchise

    1. I agree with everything you said. I'm not a sentai purist by any means but the way Jonathan Tzachor and Saban has done this show is inexcusable.

      How in the world do you screw up a show when you had nearly 2 year head start from the moment that Gokaiger aired and ended to come up with a good story and not do a copy/paste like they did with Samurai. As for the pre-zyu suits, with all the footage they have in Gokaiger since it's condensing 51 episodes into a 20 episode PR show......there is no reason or need for them to be showing up. This is a celebration of 20 years of PR and having teams that isn't part of the shows franchise is pure laziness and a bit of a insult and it's also insulting for fans to accept this saying that they are keeping it in for the sentai fans. If that was the case Gokaiger would've had the Titanium and spirit rangers but you know why they didn't........It's because the writers and producers freaking cared about their franchise and it's 35 year history.

      I really hope that Judd Lynn turn things around for Dino Charge because 4 years of Tzachor has been nothing but laziness, awful acting (by PR standards),bad writing, and straight copy/paste.

    2. your absolutely right!! I totally forgot about that Gokaiger was 51 episodes, so they could've just edited the footage of pre zyu suits and just put in post zyu suits, but you put it so eloquently and clear when you said "This is a celebration of 20 years of PR and having teams that isn't part of the shows franchise is pure laziness and a bit of a insult and it's also insulting for fans to accept this"

    3. Better yet, they COULD have filmed their own footage! It shows they are LAZY!

    4. Laziness is the only word to describe this!! Back when we were kids, the only sentai footage was when the rangers morphed and zord fights, then season after season, the sentai footage lessen and more created footage arrived which wasn't bad. Now I dont know what is goin on

    5. I'd love to say Neo-Saban era IS Mr. Krabs is the budget man, Squidward is the writer and Spongebob is the producer.

    6. HAHAHAHAH!!! thats hilarious bro and yet so true!!!

  2. Everything that has been wrong with Samurai and Megaforce falls under one denominator and that is Jonathan Tzachor. He works best when someone has a leash around his neck but once you let him go he's a lost dog confused with his tail between his legs. Saban also gets the blame because he along with Tzachor burned a lot of bridges with a lot of people that made Power Rangers the greatness that it was that included Judd Lynn, Jackie Marchard, Shuki Levy, and others. Saban probably read the outcry from the online community of how poor these shows has been and woke his butt up to finally fire Tzachor and beg Judd Lynn to come back.

    It's disheartening to see one of the best sentai series to get a crappy adaptation. Literally everything was given to them for a good anniversary season (story, concept, characters, etc) and they end up doing a piss poor job.

    1. "It's disheartening to see one of the best sentai series to get a crappy adaptation. Literally everything was given to them for a good anniversary season (story, concept, characters, etc) and they end up doing a piss poor job."

      TRUER WORDS HAVE NEVER BEEN SPOKEN!!!!! Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger is a great series and one of the best, shame that another US production company has taken a foreign product and made it worse

      They'll probably "redeem" themselves when adapting Kyoryuger since its about dinsoaurs and similar the MMPR, but I could care less cause PR has been dead to me for over 15 yrs

  3. Last I remembered, Saban/Disney had the rights to Zyurangers- current not series that is pretty Zyurangers such as Jetman- Gaorangers. Saban had insert things in his show that he pulled out of his hat. Example: BB Beetledorks Janperson and Bill Goldy appeared.Little Spielban and Diana sillouetes appeared in VR Trippers. Most of the B-Fighters/ Neo B-Fighters appeared in the Forever Dead Red special!!!

    Toei is now unlimited for Sabah's disposal, he can use Byclossers, Juspion, Sharivan,Gavan, Winspector Solbrain ect.for other Power Ranger series!

    1. If I get what your saying, your absolutely right!! Saban?Disney have been pulling this tom foolery for years, I mean the Forever Red special was kinda ridiculous and funny, by connecting the Machine Empire to B-Fighter heroes and making them villains, hilarious! Not going to lie, but if it as Forever Pink, I would've loved to see that.
      Anyways, yeah Saban?Disney loved including things in PR that dont belong and lets not forget his hand of the awfulness of VR Troopers!! I mean how do you try to combine 3 seperate shows in to a series and then cancel the series cause you ran out of footage? I mean NO DUH!!! Any genius would see that would happen

    2. I will admit that B-Fighter was really great but its adaptation Beetledorks was CRAP to max... well Janperson and Billgoldy did appear in its finale of B-Fighter.

      For Saban. MMPR could have been better ended after 40 episodes but greed got the best of both parties to overextend it. To be honestly, I could only rewatch the first season.

      The post-Zordon era with Lost Galaxy, Lightspeed, Rescue adn Time Force were better scripts, deviated from what PR was on the usual.

      For PR Samurai and PR Megaforce, obviously... -_-

      And I would admit PR Megaforce may have eye candy but that's just it, eye candy won't save a bad plot for long... unless you are catering to a world that's only populated by total idiots.

  4. Once again, we are thinking alike Sean Akizuki!! MMPR shouldn't have been a 3 season tory arc, if not for the simple fact that they were going to run out of footage. I get that MMPR was a cash cow for Saban Brand, but you can only go to the well so many times, till finally the well is dry, and the well got dry after season 1. I just help get over the fact that Saban couldn't take a leap of faith and use the Dairanger suits in season 2!
    I get it would've been a risk to change the suits so early and maybe kids would not buy the merchandise if they didn't recognize the suits, but I refuse to believe that as a child, I would be so fickle as to stop watching MMPR or stop asking my mom for the toys cause the suits were different. I know that I wouldn't care, cause I actually had a Dairanger action figure, I believe it was the Houou Ranger, my mom got found it in her school and bought home to me. When I saw it, I immediately thought of it as the pink power ranger,(not sentai since at thetime I never even heard of super sentai), which at the time was perfect cause I loved the pink ranger(as most boys my age probably), so I'd like to believe other children would've had the same thoughts as well
    Once the Zordon character was killed off, I think it finally led to Saban Brands to adapt some of the elements from its Sentai counterpart story, leading to some excellent post Zordon seasons like Lost Galaxy, Time Force(my favorite), Lightspeed(even though I can't stand that season), and Ninja Storm

    1. You know speaking of Dairanger, I thought it was a counterfeit toy until I saw ALL the Internet. You know, I had a Zyuranger toy thinking it was MMPR. I saw MMPR first and Zyuranger only when I grew up. You know, I was thinking that Dairanger was a really cool season.

      For MMPR, the consequences of overextension are obvious. No proper wrap-up, no real character development, Kimberly is just eye candy later, etc. and Zeo just got worse. Ugh. And good thing the Zordon arc ended but it was more ofa bad memory for me.

      I just thought that I did pass through being a Sentai purist, a hater of Power Rangers believing it was fake... I just realized if I don't like Power Rangers, I can just ignore it since it's not fake or bootleg. But sadly, PR today is back to its crap stage. -_-

      Seriously, is Mr. Krabs the real owner of Saban Brands? Maybe it's time to call Power Rangers not as Saban's Power Rangers but Krabs' Power Rangers... with Toei's consent of course!

    2. The only season after the Zordon era was good was Dino Thunder everything after Turbo sucked.

    3. Not me I like post-Zordon arc until Kalish and Neo-Saban...

  5. LOL well you cant be held at fault for thinking a Zyuranger toy was MMPR! I mean in reality, we all had Zyuranger toys, they were just mislabeled MMPR
    The extension of the Zordon era still bothers me, but I won't lie, I did enjoy the Ninja Ranger scenes, they were cool. However, Mr. Kraban Brands(see what I did there lol) just saw the popularity, toy sales, and fame leading to bad scenes
    Once I watched my first Sentai series, I turned my back on PR and from then on, watched every Sentai series hence. I also try to watch Kamen Rider, and other Tokusatsu series like the Shaider, Gavan, Gransazer, Garo, and Ryukendo, which I really enjoyed even if its not all that good
    PR just has lost its flavor and probably won't get it back. Kids now just aren't as interested in martial arts action like we were at their age, cause it was new fresh, and fun. Super Sentai is suffering from the that staleness as well, but its been on for 40 yrs, the only thing that is even close to that in America are The Simpsons and they've been on for only 25 yrs.
    With that said, even a bad Sentai series is better than PR, but anyway maybe Kyoryuger will be better (YEAH RIGHT!!)

    1. Or alternatively... you can call Mr. Saban as the real life counterpart of Cakeboss from OOO- both are cheap characters who get all the loot, and you do all the work...


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