Real Life Characters That Appeared as Themselves in Akibaranger

Ryuji Sainei appeared as himself in Season One Episode Two, where he was going to appear at the SPD Dub Event.

Season One Episode Six features Kazuo Niibori the legendary red ranger stuntman as himself.

Akibaranger Season Tsuu Episode Six features Nobuo Tanaka was the narrator for the first 14 episodes of Goranger.  He was the full season narrator for Changeman, Turboranger and Ohranger.  He voiced Ritchihiker in Carranger and Mr. Voice in Boukenger.

Stuntman Yoshinori Okamoto appeared in Season Tsuu Episode Eight.  General Pain hired him to do some stunt motions, hoping to create the perfect villain.  He was the stunt actor for AoRanger (episodes 64-finale) in Goranger, Spade Ace and Big One in JAKQ, Silver in Bioman, Gorma Four Kings in Dairanger, Signalman in Carranger, Cursed Armor Black Knight in Abaranger, Rainian Agent Abrella in Dekaranger and Akaranger in Gokaiger.  He was Buuba in Changeman, Bo Gardan in Flashman and Dr. Ashura in Liveman.