Ryuta Nanbara: The Adventurous Blue!

Well I never realized I haven't written about my very first favorite Sentai ranger, Ryuta Nanbara a.k.a. Blue Three of Bioman.  I'd like to spotlight him for now after discovering I've been doing spotlights left and right.  Ryuta started out in Bioman as a water sportsman, which makes him nimble.  One day during hte Gear's first invasion attempt, he was chased by Gear's fighter jets but was recruited by Bio Robo, which made his life never the same.

The very first time I started to like him was in episode 9 when Dr. Man caught several children, hoping to use them to power up his machine.  When Ryuta Nanbara was caught, he discovered that the machine was used to analyze the Biomen's abilities.  He became that test subject and without him, the Biomen were basically powerless without him.  In that episode, I love how badass he got, in trying to rescue the kids.  In that episode, he beats Messerjuu ALL BY HIMSELF after he is filled with so much rage.  Overall, I just can't forget that cool moment.

Eventually episodes 19-20 kick in to how awesome Ryuta was for me.  In those two episodes. Dr. Man's supposed son Prince shows up.  We learn something about Ryuta's past.  Compared to the inaccurate, horrible Bioman English dub, we learn Ryuta was THE bully.  It's because Prince was supposedly just a teenager, he wants to stop the latter from doing any more harm.  He wanted to stop Prince for the latter's well-being.  Those two episodes made me realize of Ryuta's past and of his mother... which then revealed that the Prince was nothing more than a robot built by Dr. Man, the way Dr. Man believed his son would have grown up.  He also suspected that Dr. Man's wife and son are just out there, which episodes 25-26 focused on.

Later episodes showed his athletic abilities on a better scale whether or not he was on focus.  One of my favorite episodes was when he was mistaken for a gold thief, which he showed his impressive out-of-suit stunts.  That episode also made me like him more because of how he managed to lure out the robot version of himself but also, to clear his name.  Episode 29 was another of my favorite focus episodes of his.  Here he tries to stop some stubborn kid who was getting caught in Gear's latest plan to teleport Japan to some area... for Dr. Man's crazy experiment.  And last, was the whole football game episode where he also went against Monster, was helped by the other Biomen though my favorite focus of his was still the Prince episodes.


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