Some Problems I Had with Go-onger

Although I do like Go-onger for its comedy approach to Super Sentai (while I'm watching Carranger online and my opinion hasn't changed about Go-onger in my list of likes), its lighter approach than usual and in short I don't hate it but like Fiveman, it will never get into my list of awesome because of issues the show suffers from.  Here's some issues I had with Go-onger:

Mecha is an issue for this show.  While I did find the Go-on Engines cute but the way they combined is very UGH... I really just couldn't like their designs whenever they combined.  And you have mecha overload, the cluster combinations and with how mecha is dealt with in the show, it sort of brings down plot value in exchange for toy sales.  This is one of the issues I had with the show.

Villains tend to be disposed off too easily and transition too easily.  First we had Hirarchimedes who gets written off so easily after being a game changing villain.  Then Yogostein gets written off so easily, I felt like he could have been MORE USEFUL but heck, he was written off so easily.  While we can understand why Junior was written off in Kakuranger (I mean Kenichi Endo could have wanted to leave anyway) but I felt like he could have been used al the more.  Then Cleaning Minister Kireizky... then we suddenly have the nothing funny about him final villain Yogoscrimaten.  I thought that though the show needs serious moments to balance it but the villains' transition wasn't handled well at all.  This is among the issues I have that prevents Go-onger from making it into my list of awesome.

Sudden shift of moods.  Go-onger is a comedy series but tends to fail to remain consistent at times.  Some of the episodes imo just kick in serious when the last was really wacky as the series should be.  Either it's some bad writing that happens or the writers just were undecided on how to balance the show.  While the serious episodes can be enjoyable but hey, I watched this show to LOL, LMAO and to drop off my seat didn't I?

While I do like Go-onger but the show did have its own fair share of problems that prevents it from being in my list of awesome.


  1. I just didn't like how Engine-Oh turned out. I'd probably rank him as my second ugliest Sentai mech, next to ToQ-Oh.


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