Stuff from Official Sentai Parodied in Unofficial Sentai Akibaranger

Akibaranger as a parody Sentai, well parodies Sentai ad the show parodies the following:

The main cast is a parody of this.  Nobuo Akagi parodies the Otaku, Yumeria parodies the cosplayer and Hiroyo Hakase parodies the Super Sentai mentors.

Akiranger Season One Episode 3 parodied the consequences of being drunk.  I do love its PSA service announcement for adults not to drink too much.

Dr. Z in the first season was an obvious parody of Dr. Man.  Just reminded me if I were Dr. Man, Gear Empire would be full of silly designs and Anime-related, Weabo-type schemes instead!

Akibaranger Season One's finale is a parody of not wanting the show to end which led to a rather hilarious finale.

General Pain is an obvious parody/homage to General Kar in Dynaman.

Season Tsuu Episodes 2-3 parodies Dairanger and the "it's too good to be true" thing.  It also makes a reference to Toshiki Inoue, who I think is really bad for Akibaranger!  Toshiki Inoue had amazing work back then but remember, the show also died... which makes me think was it also showing Inoue's rather lackluster work today?

Season Tsuu Episode 4 parodies power-ups, in the case of Akiba Red his beloved "waifu" Aoi-Tan.

Season Tsuu Episode Five parodies Power Rangers in a way, even the name Powerful Rangers is utterly stupid!  It parodies the misconception of fans which leads to more misconceptions, which hilariously changed reality for the worse.  Not an anti-Power Rangers episode but more to parody on misconception.

Season Tsuu Episode 6 features the cute robot girl as a parody to cute-looking monsters, which is rare in Super Sentai.

Akiranger Season Tsuu Episode 8 parodies the whole legacy of Sentai suit villains.

Prism Ace is a parody of Ultraman and Toho.  It also refers to some fans of Super Sentai who don't want to Sentai to reach its due finale (which is still uncertain anyway).

Missed any?  Let me know!


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