Super Sentai and Selfless Romantic Love...

Super Sentai itself had some instances of selfless, romantic love.  These are when you love a person so much you are willing to let them go.  Here are a few instances of Super Sentai and selfless romantic love:

One of my favorite selfless love encounters is Takeru and Ial. I mean it takes GUTS to break up for the right reasons.  For one, Takeru spent the WHOLE SERIES trying to recover the love of his life, Princess Ial.  In the end, Igam sees the errors of her ways and becomes a Buddhist nun.  So that means Ial must focus on the job set before her as the new queen of Tube, to set things right. Takeru respected her decision and let her go. So much different than Kiros' lust that wanted Ial against her will!

My favorite example of selfless love in Jetman...

Another one is in Chojin Sentai Jetman.  I just really thought of Radiguet's possessive love, Ryu's yearning for Rie because she was his greatest love, I just can't accept Kaori advancing over Ryu but I'll probably also give credit to Gai Yuki and Kaori.  While Gure and Gai Yuki are rivals in the show, they also had their moments of selfless love.

Gai Yuki was infatuated with Kaori, I felt obnoxious about it but seeing twice he risked his life for her, I felt he was redeemable.  I mean, he really, REALLY cared about Kaori.  First was in the Juuza arc when he risked dying for her.  Second was in the Three Demon Gods arc when he offered his blood for her.  Later when he realized he and Kaori can't be together, he decided to let her go.  I just felt that Kaori's relationship with Gai Yuki managed to change him for the better.

In this version of "Ah!  My Goddess!"  Belldandy dies at the end of it!

Dairanger had its own version of selfless love with its tragic version of "Ah My Goddess".  The whole arc written by Kunio Fuji himself.  Daigo is faced with the dilemma of his love for Kujaku which really is a real tearjerker.  Okay I do find THAT predictable that it will never be a happy ending provided I've read the story of the Qixi Festival or similar myths way before Dairanger.  The story of Kujaku the peacock goddess and the mortal man Daigo is no happy-fluffy "Ah My Goddess" comedy but one that is faced with the dilemma.

Kujaku is dying because of the world's pollution and what is Daigo to do?  The answer was with the Peacock Tears.  And I would say I really say that the risk was this... to save Kujaku much of humanity could be at risk.  Daigo weighed the benefits and in the end, he chose to let Kujaku die because of his true heroics.  And I would admit while it's predictable they will never be together, but it was well-writte because of all the character development it brought.

Even villains have their moments of selfless love...

Villains aren't excluded either.  While Kiros and Radiguet are lustful and possessive, not all of them are.  For example, I just mentioned Gure and Maria but it never stopped there.  One may take a look at a few more examples.

In Turboranger, one can see the second half was focused on Yamimaru and Kirika.  In episode 27, Zimba offers himself for Jarmin to save her from Ragorn's wrath, bidding her farewell.  For the Nagare Bouma era of Turboranger, one can see that the two really stand by each other.  It worked itself to the finale when Kirika's thread of fate saved Yamimaru in the finale.

In Ohranger, you have Bacchushund and Hysteria.  Hysteria was worried her husband would never come back after challenging the Ohrangers.  Later we have Buldont becoming Kaiser Budont and he marries Maruchiwa.  As cruel as the couple are, they do stand by each other, willing to risk for each other.  Hysteria's selfless love for Bacchushund extended to her son, niece/daughter-in-law and even grandson.  Now I just saw these episodes raw on Youtube so feel free to correct me here.

Gaoranger for instance has the "team rocket" couple of Yabaiba and Tsuetuse.  What I love about these two is how they stand by for each other.  I really loved how Yabaiba in spite of being an Org, he does care about Tsuetsue.  I even love how he risked his life to get that energy source to revive Tsuetuse.  Both of them really do stand by each other, even in non-canon crossovers.

Gekiranger has Rio and Mele.  Yeah I know these two are villains but one can admit that even if Rio can be externally cold.  He does care about Mele deep within and shows it at times,  Mele is willing to do anything for her Rio-sama.  I really love their romantic interactions here.  And I would say for a villain couple, I felt like they were redeemable.  Too sad Long killed them.  And thus , Long deserves to be tortured for a looooong time in eternity!

Missed any?  Corrections?  LET ME KNOW!


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